Multiple template patches?

Hi, I think this is my first post in here. What I’d like to know is if in the current VCV Rack version, it is possible to have multiple template patches? I only see the possibility to use one, the one that opens, when you click NEW. And if yes, how could I do that?

Thanks in advance


Instead of opening VCV then being presented with THE template, if you have a collection of premade patches, Template01.vcv, Template02.vcv, etc., then you can open any one you want by double-clicking that template.

  • Paul

I believe there was talk of multiple template patches for v2.

I’ve never mentioned a feature like this for Rack v2.

I recommend @artola’s solution.

I would also recommend a solution like this,
if one wants to be more specific, the template patches could be named like: Template_ambient, Template_electro, Template_beat … etc.

and you can have a folder with just the templates anywhere on your hdd


Ok then it seems what I want doesn’t exist in VCV Rack. The solution you offer, if I understood it well, is then more like a few VCV patches that I consider as a template? I would have to open them and immediately “Save as” to make sure I don’t overwrite them, right?


You did actually:

You really just try to misinterpret everything I say as much as possible, right? Do you know how annoying that is?

My comment you linked was referring to demo patches to be included in Rack. After Rack v2’s source code and development builds are released, I will announce a contest for Rack users to submit patches to be included with Rack. Winning patches will be included in a “demo” folder for new users to learn from. They are unrelated to Rack’s “template” functionality, which loads a particular patch when the user clicks “File > New”.