Modules with ARM builds!

If any of you are running the arm free beta, there was a great change in the 222 sdk which I think is awesome - I was a big advocate for the change! - but which means the 222 sdk makes an arm plugin with different names than 221.

So short version: if you use the surge arm beta it now uses the 222 sdk and so you need 222 free

And plugins built with 221 that haven’t updated yet may not load properly. If they don’t just rename plugin.Dylib to plugin-arm64.dylib

(This change means you can have a rack user directory with both arm and x64 plugins in one spot which is super operationally useful and I’m thankful for vortico and team for adding it)


question related to this, is there a reason to simply not have universal builds?

with the sdk using makefiles the build would only need a few extra flags to support it…


If i helps anyone, I wrote a little script to build and push module sets on GitHub into my rack dir on my mac so I can get enough to do my dev and test work. Nothing special but figured I’d share while we are in the interim before arm library.


Hi everyone, just a heads up: AS free plugin (and both paid ones) are running fine on Mac Rack 2.2.2 free ARM

I guess the users with the paid plugins have to wait until an official Rack ARM release is available?


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are those all being distributed in accordance with their licenses? GPL-3 has a lot to say about distributing binaries.

If you read the it explains how to obtain the source, or more exactly how the source was obtained.


ah, yes. tx.