Modules: some downloads failed (solved)

Rack 2 works fairly well, although my laptop is throwaway, but I have problems with some downloads: NYSTHI 2.0.6 and Valley 2.0.0. It tells me download complete, close Rack and reopen it to see the new modules, but when I reopen Rack I don’t see them, and I find them to download again. Does it happen to you too?

I apologize if I post in the wrong section or if someone with the same problem as me has anticipated me.


Same here. All got downloaded except 4, no matter how hard I try. They failed to complete installation.

Just downloaded both of them, works perfectly. I am on Windows11, using RackPro.

I really don’t know why. I’m on fiber 1gb/s. Rack Pro. Windows 10. NYSTHI for example, i tried 100 times. got stucked downloading when reaching 60%.

Can it be there is a virus scanner active or you have your documents folder on onedrive?

I’m on Win10, without antivirus and without onedrive. (Rack free, the pro version will arrive in a few days)

Your side might be good, how’s the server you’re trying to download from doing? This was happening with a few plugins for me, I came back and tried again a few hours later and they went through fine.

just chiming in to say i also have this problem with Nysthi and Valley plugins (Windows 10, Rack 2 Pro)

Same problem with Valley and Ohmer. I’m on Macbook OSX 10.15x

Wow, that’s weird. I came to this forum cause I’m facing the exact same problem right now, looks like I’m not alone with this.

I just did it. Those two had popped up in the library as needing update. Did it and they are fine now.

Rack v2 has a 10 sec max download time when updating plugins, so if a plugin doesn’t finish in that amount of time, the update cancels. This is affecting a lot of the larger plugins. I contacted VCV support about it, and hopefully it gets fixed soon (either with a longer timeout, or by removing the limit altogether)


Ah, interesting–so that’s presumably why it sometimes skips over plugins and requires multiple passes to update?

Yeah, sometimes you get lucky with plugins right at that limit and your internet is a little faster, bringing it under that 10 sec limit

Ah! Yeah, I just watched this happen several times with Substation, NYSTHI, and Valley, all of which I would dearly like to have now in V2 :slight_smile:

For anyone wondering if this is happening to them, you’ll see the percentage counting up, then it will either flash up much faster or just reset to the version number, there won’t be a check-mark, and the next plugin (if there is one) will start downloading.

Even after the timeout is redefined to be less hair-trigger (like e.g. 30 seconds since the last packet was received, not 10 seconds to do the whole thing) it would probably be good to color the failed plugins in red with a tooltip, or something. Right now it’s not even clear from the interface that something has gone wrong.

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For me, are the “ohmerprems” and “valley” module, which does not install, I noticed, unlike the others, when downloading the “* .vcvplugin” is zero bytes when it is created, so no ‘’ installation when restarting the application.

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Oh, that is super interesting. I’d say “mystery solved”. It is pretty bad to give no error message. Is there at least something in the log when this happens?

I don’t know about no time out… In my experience most front end proxy servers will time out after a minute or two. Don’t know why really, but it seems “normal” to me now… 10 seconds, however, is crazy short.

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Yup, it’s in the log, but easy to miss

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I tend to agree, although really until this release it’s not really happened much before, and Andrew is pretty ruthless with not added non-essential features (probably one of the reasons he can so something as amazing as VCV).

I know at work someone would probably make me work for a week on something like that :wink:

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Agree, and good point. Optimizing the user experience for very atypical events/circumstances is probably not a good use of Andrew’s time.

The 10sec-to-complete rule is trivial to (and much more important to) change.