Module with knobs to map other modules

Hi… There is any module with just a bunch of knobs that can be mapped to control knobs of other modules in the patch?

Kind of Macro controls that have Ableton Live in the Racks.

I been googling and digging the library and can’t find…


like this? There are several others…

Thanks for your answer, but sorry im lost, a matrix mixer for this?

I’m sure there’s something in Stoermelder’s PackOne, but you have to compile it by yourself:

stoermelder µMAP is perfect for this… :point_up_2: :disappointed_relieved:

Binaries available here: Release Development build · stoermelder/vcvrack-packone · GitHub

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Ars Memorium

Stoermelder’s Pack One CV-MAP allows you to map up to 32 module parameters (knobs, sliders, buttons, whatever), and then control the values via poly inputs.

The plugin is only available in the VCV v1 library. The plugin has not been released to the VCV v2 library because there are currently problems when running within the VCV VST. But it works great when running VCV v2 standalone. As @contemporaryinsanity posted, the most recent v2 binaries are available at Release Development build · stoermelder/vcvrack-packone · GitHub. Look under the Assets header at the bottom of the page.

For knobs to control the mapped parameters in CV-MAP, use any combination of the following:

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As mentioned above, there’s a collection from Stoermelder that is still not in the library, but you can download it here - Release Development build · stoermelder/vcvrack-packone · GitHub You can find the file for your system under Assets, and just download it and place it in the plugins folder. Next time you open VCV, it should appear in the module browser. Anyway, there’s a module in this collection called Macro and I believe it’s exactly what you’re looking for. You can map macro controls to different parameters and control them with one knob. By the way, if the parameters you want to control have a CV input, you can use something like 8Vert from VCV to send offset voltage into the CV inputs and control the parameters like this. You can send one output of 8Vert to as many different CV inputs you want and have a macro controller.


As mentioned above, uMap & Macro from Stoermelder.

Then build with rotary knobs, switches, faders, any type of controller that will suite your needs.

don’t forget mine with different colored fader caps:


Love the colored fader caps!! :smiley:

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Amazing! Thanks so much everybody!

The combo Polycon16 and CVMAP is the way to go in my case even that 8VERT got me by surprise and its a cleaver posible solution too. Thanks again!

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yeah it would be great if there was a module with 8 macro knobs that could be assigned to anything. These knobs could then always be linked to ableton’s or bitwig’s device controls and we can have a controller always ready to move some parameters without too much setup. Look at Voltage Modular. They have those 8 macro knobs built in.

ooh he said Jehova!

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easily patched up with your knobs module of choice and a MidiMap module to assign controls in DAW to the knobs? Vult Knobs come to mind for example…

almost. The thing with having the knobs always linked to the DAW directly is that any controller will respond to the 8 device controls. Using midimap will only set those knobs to a certain controller. I want it to connect to teh Daws device controls and work everytime in any project without remapping new controls each time.

I think for this to happen developers would need to create 8 knobs as a permanent feature that always exist. Sort of like how intellijel has the iU strip at the top of their cases.

one knob to control 10 CV ?


yes these ideas will work if I set it up each time but if I do not have the module loaded with the preset project I have to do it all over again in the DAW. There are knob controls but looking for something that can be mapped to the DAWS device controls (see ableton and Bitwig device pages) then every time I add the module those knobs will be mapped to the DAW controls which are then picked up by any controller with 8 knobs

You can map once, right click > preset > save as on whatever module you’re using to do the mapping.

Whenever you need it in another file, add the module, right click > preset > choose the preset you made in previous step.

Or you can setup all the module you need, drag-select them all (they turn red), right click and save selection as. This can then be imported preassembled / wired as stored into any other patch.