Module Request - CV to Midi CC

With the release of Host, I think this is the only thing missing to make VCV Rack an absolute essential A/V toolkit is the ability to emulate a midi device and export CV data as midi to control other programs. Perhaps there is a way to do this already using bridge? Specifically, i’m trying to use this to automate Resolume. Currently, I can only use audio FFT to automate transports. This significantly limits the number of parameters I can provide unique automation to, and it can be somewhat inconsistent. Being able to send a clear oscillator signal to control these parameters would be a game changer.

Oh geez. I just found this thread: Deadmau5 playing with Rack and TouchDesigner

I can just use OSC, which is better anyway because I can run VCV on a separate machine. Thanks Lars for posting that. Also, very glad deadmaus picked up VCV.


MIDI-out is coming in VCV Rack 1.0, in a couple of months :slight_smile:


Checkout the post about the Q/A with Andrew from a couple days ago, you’ll find some interesting hints of upcoming features in Rack 1.0

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You guys are giving me warm tinglies!

VCV Rack has been an incredible journey. Every time some new concept comes together and makes sense, I get an adrenaline rush. Thanks again.

Also, looks like there are several weeks of him messing with touch designer and vcv rack. I’ve got like 5 days of video to watch now.

This is also coming to my JACK plugin whenever I get around to integrating MIDI.

See Rack v1 development blog