Module CV-MAP for CV-controlling any knob, slider or switch

No, it is after offset and scale. I can add a switch for bypass mode.

Well there is no need for bypass.
But i ask this because it only outputs after a map enabled.
Also, the output is not exactly the same as the input when the offset and scale are at default position.
In the scope it even looks a bit slewed.

I was able to reproduce it, but only once. There was an exponential filter on the input, a copy and paste error, there shouldn‘t be one on a CV input.
Please let me know if you see it again with the latest build.

latest build, the slew of the filter is now gone.

i still see that the output is not the same as the input with knobs at default level.
anything below the middle gets truncated, see the pic :slight_smile:

Ah, try switching to bipolar mode on the context menu.

i see “parameter changes”
and “signal input”

but no bipolar setting

Bipolar mode is -5V…5V for signal input, when on 0V…10V all negative voltages are clamped.

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ah yes got it, you are right!

all good now :slight_smile: thanks for your patience.

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No problem, have fun!

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Any idea what can be causing this :

Windows 7

That happens when a module is writing to regions of memory where it isn’t supposed to. I don’t think it is my module, but I’ll check again. Can you list what other modules are in your patch?

I can do you one better, here is the patch :slight_smile:
StoerMelder Memory.vcv (24.5 KB)

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It’s also visible in the browser :

Until I remove it and close /open rack again, then it’s OK.

That is because the panel graphics are stored in memory only once. Once “destroyed” it appears everywhere this way.

I guessed that was the case so I edited my post…

BTW when I load the patch the first time it looks OK, only when I close/reopen Rack it’s “destroyed”

Oh, thats good, because I can’t reproduce it right now… Can you remove one module after the other and check when it stops happening?

Edit: I missunderstood you… I can reproduce it now… checking…

I tried but there is no way to reproduce it one time it stopped with VCA-1 then I redid it starting with VCA-1 but that didn’t work… etc

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i can confirm that i seen this line also in the module here yesterday, but when i open the patch now i don’t see it. and i don’t know exactly how to reproduce it,
first i thought it was because i zoomed in at full.
but it is not related to that.

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Ok, found and fixed. @Yeager thank you for the patch, this was really helpful!
You can either download an updated build from my GitHub-repository or wait until my request for the library is completed.


Nice ! Thanks Ben, I’ll wait for the library update :+1: