ModularGrid-like website for VCV Rack modules

(Andrew Belt) #1

A few months ago, a couple web developers were interested in creating a ModularGrid-like website for VCV Rack plugins. After Rack 1.0 releases, all plugin packages will contain a plugin.json file with the name, tags, and descriptions of all modules, which will be collected into the Library GitHub repo. With this new metadata, would anyone be interested in leading this project?

Online module catalog, visual help
(Phil Golden) #2

Does it entail creating the website or just managing the .json?

(Andrew Belt) #3

plugin.json files will be managed by each plugin developer (and tweaked and curated into the Library by the maintainers of that repo). This thread is for the design, development, and maintainance of the website itself.

(Phil Golden) #4

I could probably build/design an asp. net app that could integrate into the plugin manager.

Iv’e experience with C# forms and SQL (fundamentals).

(Fbeecher) #5

I could help with the interaction design. I’m crap with visual design, however. :slight_smile:

(Phil Golden) #6

The way the current VCV hompage looks is pretty good. What about for the Plugin manager keeping that same style with modules listed per png with the rack rails in the background. When you hover over a module it pops out (gets bigger) and gives you the details about that module.

Take the Fundametal as an example, instead of the greying out all the modules (png) each png you hover on gets a little bigger in the rack with summary details about the module attached in a floating window, similar to MG.

Filtering tags places/rearranges those module in the rack with the 1u spacing between them. A little more detail with a tooltip for each element on the popped out module, e.g. hovering over knobs summarises what that knob is, port input/output etc… View more info to filter to that slug where you can add/remove.

I’d mock up a C# form but my VS install just died after I updated an extension, completely died! Will have to reinstall everything (packages) to another directory, possibly restore an image backup. :frowning_face:

(Andrew Belt) #7

I could extend the Plugin Manager to do this, but it would take several weeks and would be a new web server at or something. Not sure if I want to do that this year. Perhaps it’s better for VCV to handle this instead of a third-party in the long term though, because merging it with the Plugin Manager would be the smoothest experience.

(Phil Golden) #8

As a plus it would be in line with the way the browser might look in rack v1 also. Perhaps the two browsers could have the same styles. It would feel seamless imo.

(Uriel Deveaud) #9

How can i help ? please let me know :slight_smile:

also, i would like to suggest something that exist in other open source app developper corner… it that we may have access to a module bank (with various categories and types), well made with details and so on… but what is about the new published modules ?

as far as i see, we have "doublons2, means a lot of modules are duplicate… why not ? but why ?
also, i would like to see a repository of “validation in progress” to allow users and dev to comment and make suggestion to the author, a kind of dev plateform where we can see what others are doing… if this is the open source spirit for you…
have a nice day

(Uriel Deveaud) #10

Hi, i would add some ideas here about this featured webpage:
1/ an online( or offline, in app) catalog with image previews and details (from module.json)
2/ the option to download the full pack (slug package) or just one module from the author !*
3/ the options to mark a module as favorite and to add a personal note to it
4/ a new search engine with more filters

As a user, i suppose there are many ways we can improve the library to be very friendly and useful. We keep in mind that searching for a module would be something easy and Fun ! :wink:

I would add also that this kind of feature will be a “+” for the users compare to other modular softwares :wink: