Modular Guitar Effects - Virtual Modular Channel

OK, so I know the rules say one post per user, but the last one went off on a complete tangent so I’m starting a new thread for all of these in the same place. Ideally, I’d like to delete the other posts but that doesn’t seem to be possible. Here’s the complete series so far:

Part 1: Talk Box Guitar

Part 2: Random Step Phaser

Part 3: Ring Modulation

Part 4: Oscillator Sync

Part 5: Auto Swell, Generative Synth Parts and Shimmer Reverb

Part 6: Tuned Resonators and Filters (New! As of yesterday anyway)

Part 7 will be a guitar synth, and after that who knows? I may even try to make some actual music again. If there are any particular effects you’d like me to try and create, please let me know. Any suggestions are welcome (apart from ‘please stop making these awful videos’) :wink: One idea I’ve played around with and not yet finished is combining as many of these as my computer can handle into one monstrous patch, then ‘morphing’ between different effects/settings using Stoermelder Transit.




Thank you Ed, have you tried a Frippertronics style tape set up-Ahornberg tape might work for that!? Would love to see that. Keep doing these please.

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Cheers Ady, not exactly but I did an attempt at creating a hardware pedal called the Microcosm. I didn’t include it in this series but it was kind of similar. I used Nysthi’s clockable delay which has a really long delay time (up to 10 seconds I think) and that can do a Frippertronics thing. Usually I just use loopers instead, but if you turn the feedback right up it’s looping but gradually fades out. Is that what you were after?

There’s a link to the patch on that video too but it’s a tricky one to share because I used loads of VST plugins.


this is fantastic!!!

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Well this is the nearest I have got to Frippertronics, using AI Macro and Resonator and Pathset’s Icetray repeating varying lengths up to 10secs of recording capability. Only just realised this by chance tried Nysthi Clockable delay and that just zombied out the patch it went too high in the red and died. Quite happy with this, got some nice brass trumpet sounds out of Macro repeating over other sounds.

Fripping Pluks Ice Tray.8chan.Film Track by Adrian Bottomley (

Here’s the latest video, ‘Morphing FX’ using Stoermelder Transit to transition between different settings with an absolute motherload of effects:

Longer audio demo here:

Tutorial/explainer video incoming if I can sort out a voice recording chain.


I keep forgetting to post these, so please subscribe to the channel if you’re interested in the idea of modular guitar effects. I’m up to number eight now, and this one demonstrates the crazy concept of polyphonic effects. I keep threatening to make a tutorial video, and this would certainly be easier to explain with a voiceover. Perhaps Santa will get me a decent microphone, if I’ve been good enough. Wait no, I’ve been a bit of a bastard. Never mind!


Somehow I missed these earlier. Great stuff, @SuperMuppet !


Wow, love this! Thank you for putting in the time and effort to produce and share these. Subscribed!

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Thanks, appreciate it! I enjoy making and sharing this stuff, it’s a bit niche so will probably never be a huge channel and that’s fine, but it’s always nice to get a few new subs :wink:

Subbed. Found me a cheap second hand midi pedal + Fishman tripple and look forward to be inspired by your patches and performances.

Fantastic, thanks! The Fishman could be interesting. I’ve got a Boss SY-1 but haven’t used it for a while as I’m not that keen on the synth sounds. Post your work if you can, would be great to hear some VCV/MIDI guitar stuff.

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Here’s the latest one, using the new VCV Pro flanger. Gets a bit silly towards the end!

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Love it, in a Pink Floydish way :grinning:

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How are you getting your guitar into VCV? I see one Audio 8 with only outputs. I can’t see any input :thinking:

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Look closer ? :thinking: :sunglasses:

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Oh my - My old eyes simply did not see that grey cable. Thanks


I should really change my colour scheme! I find grey cables less distracting, but the Submarine utility was set to blue when I started patching, and I couldn’t be bothered going back and changing them all to be the same :wink:

I’m also using one of the Brainworx amp sim plugins in Host, I think this one was Buxom Betty.

This one isn’t in the modular guitar effects series, but here’s one showing some of the guitar sounds you can make with Elastika.

Sample and hold is definitely my favourite, that part of the patch doesn’t even require playing the guitar, it just plays itself!


This one isn’t guitar based, (although some guitar samples sere recycled in Pigments) but it does show how some of the effects I’ve found can be used with synth sounds too. I used #8 - polyphonic VCV Phaser on one of the pads: