Missing modules from Rack 2

What modules do you miss from Rack 2?

My list:

  • VCV - Recorder (I can’t find it anywhere)
  • Alright Devices - Chronoblob2
  • Alikins - Big Mute Button
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Please try searching before making yet more threads about the same thing over and over again. Thanks.

I think it is not a complain about miss modules, it is a list of modules you “miss” no matter if will be back or not, for instance I miss the cosmog from the rack 0.5, (have it sense? I m spanish speaker)

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Thanks for your idea, steve.

Alright Devices has a beta build you can already try :

Note that you may need to right-click the download links and do “save as”, just clicking the links hasn’t worked for some people.

VCV Recorder has not been yet updated for Rack 2. I don’t know about the Alikins plugin.

Update is live now, get it from the library updater.


I am missing Alikins Shift Pedal - not found by Rack 2 - capability to use the PC keyboard keys as triggers.


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These ones? GitHub - alikins/Alikins-rack-plugins: modules for VCV Rack virtual eurorack synth

Doesn’t seem like they have been touched in 2 years.

Stoermelder Stroke can do this

Personally I’m really missing the uMap / micro map module from stoermelder to have control over literally any parameter without an external midi controller… Hope it’ll be online again soon! Love rack 2 though :slight_smile:

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You can download the latest release at his github.

It is online. Release Development build · stoermelder/vcvrack-packone · GitHub


Nope, unfortunately not. Shift-pedal can map left/righ/any shif/alt/ctrl/super key to a trigger/gate output, which is extremely handy and I used it all the time. Stroke can’t do that, at least as far as I can tell, you can “only” map keys like ‘x’, ‘z’ etc. which is not the same.

I really hope for its return as well and the other Alikins modules are super handy as well.

Ok, it cannot do exactly the same. But it will give you keyboard control. I was missing the space bar in shift pedal, so I switched over to Stroke. Which can map keys in combination with alt, shift or ctrl, so basically you have all of your keyboard that can be set up. Except for alt, ctrl and shift :slight_smile:

I tried shift-a and it just mapped it as ‘a’, at least that’s what it showed.

There are indicator lights on the left to show if shift, control, or alt were mapped.

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Ah, will have to check that out, thanks!

VCA-2 from the fundamental modules. Since I use it in EVERY patch, I guess I cannot load my patches in V2. Therefore, I won’t upgrade.

It’s there but hidden so your patches should still load:

  "slug": "VCA",
  "name": "VCA-2",
  "description": "2-channel voltage-controlled amplifier",
  "manualUrl": "https://vcvrack.com/Fundamental#VCA",
  "tags": [
  "hidden": true

Change hidden from true to false in the fundamental plugin.json and it should appear in the module browser.


@klaus even if you leave them hidden, if it’s the VCV modules in question and you have them in an old patch they will be there, you just can’t add new instances to a patch.