MIDI Mapping BeatStep Pro as per Omri Cohen's Tutorial


Setting up as per Omri’s video on YouTube, I have encountered a problem. The MIDI Mapping seems to work (sort of), in that moving a control on the Beatstep only gives and immediate Min to Max, with nothing in between on what it is mapped to. It is either fully clockwise or anticlockwise. Is there some other step that I have to do to get full control over whatever is mapped to the physical control on Beatstep.

Thank you for any assistances


It sounds like you have the Beatstep’s knobs set to Relative mode rather than Absolute like Omri was using. This Relative mode is actually preferable, but you have to use @stoermelder’s MIDI-STEP module instead of MIDI-CC. Alternately you can change the knobs to Absolute in the Beatstep’s settings and continue to use MIDI-CC.


Thank you very much for your reply.

You put me on the right track, but when I went into the MIDI Control Centre, the setting for the knobs was already set to Absolute, setting it to Relative corrected the problem and Beatstep now works as Omri described. Why it works opposite to your suggestion I don’t know unless there is another setting which is causing it to work in reverse, anyway I’m happy that is working. I am also very pleased that Rack saves the MIDI Mappings along with everything else.

My thanks once again for taking time to help me.


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