MIDI-MAP issue in 2.0.4. Can't map to controller - sometimes. (Fixed) elp please

I was watching one of Omri’s YT posts and in a part of it he showed how to do the midi mapping for control surfaces and I got it to work on a different patch right away. I have since tried it on two others (one simply being the MM 16 channel mixmaster with an Audio 8 and MIDI-MAP module to make a basic template, and I cannot get it to work. I can go back to the patch that DOES work and everything is fine, but nothing I do seems to make it work in a new patch. Something simple here I’m missing I’m sure but… what? For the Mixmaster patch, I have the MM 16 open, an audio 8 and the MIDI-MAP module. The MM16 and the audio 8 are set up for audio like normal. The MIDI-MAP shows Windows MIDI, Launch Control XL 8, All Channels. I can pick a mapping and click on, say the channel 1 fader and I get the little yellow dot and the MIDI-MAP shows that MixMaster - 01 Level is now mapped. Except that it doesn’t respond to the controller here where it does in my other patch. Thoughts?

Edit - okay, so you have to move the controller slider or knob FIRST, and THEN select the parameter on the module.

Compare the settings of the midi-map modules.

  • right-click the MIDI-MAP module → preset → copy (or Ctrl-C on windows)
  • paste into notepad - or another text editor
  • do this for both patches - something has to be different

an example from my beatstep to make the post more interresting :slight_smile:

  "plugin": "Core",
  "model": "MIDI-Map",
  "version": "2.0.4",
  "params": [],
  "data": {
    "maps": [
        "cc": 75,
        "moduleId": 678323762413503,
        "paramId": 2
        "cc": -1,
        "moduleId": -1,
        "paramId": 0
    "smooth": true,
    "midi": {
      "driver": 4,
      "deviceName": "Arturia BeatStep 2",
      "channel": -1
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Thanks JPN! Didn’t know you could do that and very good to know. I did find the problem though - the physical knob or slider on the controller has to be moved prior to choosing a slider or what have you on a module. Simple, but doesn’t work any other way.

Here’s a question for you though. How do you map the Mute buttons on a module like the MixMaster? When I press any of the buttons on the Launch Control XL, they do not provide cc info to map to.

I don’t know what Launch Control XL sends when the mute buttons are pressed - perhaps it sets the volume on the corresponing midi channel to 0 - maybe you can change it in the LaunchControl XL editor to send a CC.

Use something like Stoermelder midi-mon to see what it sends.

If you can’t change it in the editor, I think you need external software to translate the messages. https://www.bome.com/products/miditranslator

There are previous threads about Launch Control XL mapping

I re-mapped the buttons on my midilab. I think they used to send notes (to make drum machines happy). I think they re-mapped them to put out cc. I used to have an M-Audio keyboard, but I couldn’t figure out the re-mapping. The Arturias come with software that, while a bit clunky, does make it easy to know where they are set and to change them.

Yeah, I have Novation Remote 25SL, Arturia Beatstep, Arturia Beatstep Pro, Arturia Keystep, Ableton Push 2, AKAI APC40 mk1, Behringer BCR2000, Behringer FCB1010, CME Xkey air 25.

Used to have an M-Audio Ozone, and CME UF6 but they died.

Novation has the better software IMO.

Easy to believe. The Arturia is “adequate”. The M-Audio O2 with no software was not adequate :wink:

I forgot I had Novation Launch Control Editor and as I open it, I see all the buttons are mapped as Notes but can be changed to cc values. I have a simpler Novation Launch Control ll as well and now I have managed to get them both working - I have a Mixmaster junior pretty much completely mapped to my XL with 16 rotary knobs still available, and the Launch Control ll working with and additional 16 knobs and 8 buttons I can use. Wheeee!

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