midi looper / audio looper: create a looping machine setup ? any modules good for this ?

Hello community,

i use VCV Rack so far only as a plugin within gigPerformer (host) for FX duties.

a thought came up: are there sequenzers that would work as “midi loopers” ? (record the keyboard playing => synced record + start loop behave.

same for audio: are there “samplers or audio loopers” which could be used to setup a DIY looping section for audio. Same here: => a sync to clock/beat recording start would be my wished feature. Required Recording lenght: at least 4 bars at tempo down to 90, better more.

any module recommendations to look at ? midi and audio

for audio, i use so far the chronoblobb for jamms. Here, my request is something that goes above “that”

Hello! I used to do a lot of ambient guitar looping with Rack, and will probably do a lot more. There are loads of options, but the first point is you can record/loop CV in exactly the same way as audio. CV and audio are largely interchangeable, so if you want to play synth parts live and record the notes instead of the audio, that’s possible. I mainly work with audio and either use Nysthi Simpliciter, or the Luppolo looper:

VCV Library - Sonus Dept. Luppolo3 - you can trigger this to record in time, just use a clock divider into the trigger (/4 for one bar, /16 for 4 bars etc).

I have to say the search function isn’t ideal in the library, searching for the word ‘looper’ produces 829 result, most of which are not loopers. Having been into this for a while, I know a few modules that can definitely be used for audio looping:

VCV Library - Ahornberg Tape Recorder - this emulates more of an anaolgue tape recording process, but can loop too.

VCV Library - NYSTHI ClockableDelay - this has something like 10 seconds delay time, and the hold function loops the same way as Chronoblob. You can also toggle reverse playback, which is fun.

VCV Library - Lilac Looper - I haven’t used this much but works well from what I’ve read.

The new Prince of Perception module is worth a look, and if you are prepared to pay for commercial modules Path Set has a few granular looping modules, including the new ones developed with Omri Cohen.

I usually share patches, and most of the pieces in my ‘modular guitar effects’ thread have a looper section somewhere:

Those patches tend to be fairly complex, but if you want a simpler looping patch knocking together let me know.



Great ! i hoped to find somebody with experience :wink:

I´ll look into the listed modules the next days. Maybe just starting now… Much appreciated ! Thank you !

yes, i found these 3 days ago. I´m patching with the PantherCap since 2 days in my host. I´m just doing some sample mangling. …live recording failed so far in that sense, that my rec lenght was allways very short. ( need to post in its respective thread, after dealing some longer with it)

yeah, found that too, 3 days ago. started with it yesterday too :wink:

i see these both more for creative uses…rather than “clean” looping work.

ahh wait, it says its a imitation of the DLD. wow, that would be fun too. DLD is a very special suce for looping, though.

i will have a look ! Seeing which modules you take will allready be from great help, for example. ( yesterday i allready completely struggled just by finding a clock divider and to make that work / i didn´t arrived the way i wanted to)

i´ll see… i come from a Hardware modular backround. But VCV seems to be completly different in so many ways. I´ve just donne small FX patches so far.

wait, …i read: CV as is in slow modulations. Wow, …that would have been another question. I´d really like me to record my manual jammings with midi controllers. Ok, i´ll convert my midi into CV for this task,…and see

seems you are looking at “midi note data” as it was CV too ? it would be great to have a “sequenzer with recording” function, which can show “some visual representation” of the recordet notes. Guess, midi is not your area, then ?

ok, i see, some things are doable…

This helps allready alots !

i might have to come back to you on this in a few days :wink:

I thank you very much !

With the clockableDelay of Nysthi, you can get much longer delay times when you use the mult(iply) function. It can multiply a length up to 32 times I believe. Maybe even more when you use cv… it’s been a while since I have experimented with it. But definately more then 10 sec


Yeah, I meant to use the MIDI-CV module and convert notes into CV first, then you can just record the CV in the same way as audio. I don’t use sequencers much so I’m not sure if there’s anything that will give you a visual representation of recorded notes like a DAW. There are better ways of doing that already! For a clock divider, I normally use Mockba Modular’s Dividah. Very simple and works perfectly. Let me know how you get on…

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Yep, that’s true. I had a patch back in v1.6 with different delays feeding into each other, and that would keep going for about half an hour after playing a few notes. Nightmare if you played anything wrong :joy:

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ok, i went now thru your whole thread there. First of all: WoW, you are a true wizard, congratulations !

2nd: i couldn´t find the "looper-specific " related part on your thread. I went thru the whole thread,…and watched alots of your Vids. you have there some great sounds going ! But: I´ve not detected any “specific looping” posts/vids/patches. Yet i know, Delay and “looping” is a close one.

If you could point me to some specific patches, that would be very great.

for the “midi part of looping”, i guess this one should make it. Squinky Labs Seq++.

edit: i hope so, untested what the REC button is doing…

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Have you seen this ?

or this ?

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i am just right now on the impromtu page, by plain coinsidence :wink:

But: i´d not thought these could be used as a midi-REC looper.

ok, the manual says:

With its long sequence lengths and CV capabilities, the sequencer can be used as a CV recorder by setting the FILL CV input to a constant voltage greater than 1V and activating the MEM button, thereby sampling the CV IN port at every clock edge and committing its voltage to memory.

these might be otherwise interesting. I hoped for a midi-Looper with sort of a (small) piano roll for visual feedback

  • visual feedback is necessary. also, if things do not run flwlessly. ( i just have this case with the “prism of perceiption delay”, right now. its not getting a input on the left CH, yet the scope bevore of it has the audio signal…For such cases is a visual feedback more than just welcome :wink: )


Maybe try Tape Recorder:

  • up to 4 mono tracks
  • cycle loop or ping-pong loop
  • up to 2 hours recording time
  • built-in clock
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Thanks Funky40! It’s probably not very obvious, but most of the guitar effects videos use a looper just to make the demo sound more interesting. I use a Beatstep to trigger the recording so you wouldn’t see anything happening on screen and there’s too much other stuff going on to see how it works. I can put together a basic looping patch this week if it’s easier. I usually run everything unsync’d but it’s possible to clock it. This module will be useful, you can set it up to arm recording so recording triggers on the next clock and you get a perfect loop length without having to manually press something on the beat:

This was my first looping video from the lockdown days, but the patch is really old and most of it wouldn’t work in VCV v2. Setting up performances like this using multiple loops with different fx ended up being too much work and I haven’t got time these days! :rofl:



For synced recording, you can use the ML Trigger Buffer module. One input will be the clock you want to sync to (clock divisions, for example), and another input will be the trigger to start\stop recording.

For Midi looping, you can use various audio loopers to record CV. For example, Simpliciter from nysthi will record CV, and even the Lilac Looper, so you can use them to record CV, which is actually the Midi signal. One input for pitch, and another for gates.


Thanks Omri, I was referring to the trigger buffer in my answer but somehow posted a link to the trigger delay. That’s what happens when you reply on your phone during a boring meeting! I’ve edited it now with the right link.

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Yes, on my list ! Thanks to @VirtualModular . ( see post #2 :wink: ) Thanks for chimming in @Ahornberg

its ok. I first need to grasp the whole clock thing. with internal clock i´m there. With an external one, not yet. much appreciated !

i think this will help !

Salute Omri, Very glad to see you chimming in here too.

I work right now with PantherCap and the Prism of Perception. (very new to it) I think thats a good starting point to make myself familiar with the whole clock + trigger aspect of VCV Rack. Frankly speaking, i´m quite struggling on this one. Internal clocking works now with the Impromptu clock ( saw it in your video vs. one of those modules) External clocking gives me strange clocks. Not yet tryed the ML trigger buffer. Thats next i´ll do. Still, which module should i take as the base for External clocking ? (jfyi: i use gigPerformer as my host, which sends out clock)

and then i have right now this open vs. PantherCap and your Prism Delay ( Grreat modules ! btw. ): how can i achive a gate with controlled gatelenght for the “Reverse” Button ? or controlling the lenght of the “Recording” on PantherCap ?

i used so far the Bogaudio RGate. But i did not arrive. Some help on this would be much appreciated

Here is an audio looper that I made with the Lilac Looper. Looper with trigger | Patchstorage Unfortunately I used the MindMeld patch modules which didn’t hold together when used in a selection. Here is the section on the patch looper striped down.vcv (33.6 KB)

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thats very kind of you ! i´ll go thru all this the next days. (well, depends how hot its getting in my appartment) it will take me some time anyway

I use Confusing Sampler a lot for live looping. It records while the current sample plays then swaps in the recording. And you can enable grid on the sample, and play back looping slices. It’s not even that confusing.

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My pleasure :slight_smile: I’m glad you enjoy the modules!

Here’s a patch that should explain everything. Let me know if it helps :slight_smile: Looping.vcv (8.2 KB)

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Thank you very much Omri !..and everybody else ! I am on it. I want also to check some of the other patches. things take time. I´m not getting everything, and might come back with questions. But i think its best to give it first some time + try&error where needed from my side.

Ha, and i found the colour code module again, within your patch. What a great help.