Midi clock renoise-vcv rack

hello everyone

I m having fun playing with the renoise an the rack in Linux, and I have a rudimentary synch between the renoise and the rack, sending and receiving MIDI and CV bidirectionally. using triggers to send start and reset signals to the clock and LFOs

I m trying to receive the midi clock from renoise in the rack but I can not find a module suitable to convert the Midi clock to BPM (is it necessary??)

I m receiving gates - triggers signals in the midi-cv module, but if I connect it to the clocked for instance, the clocked go to 120bpm no matter whatever is the timing set in renoise

is this possible? any clue about the correct workflow?

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You might need to choose another clock mode in Clocked, i.e. P2, P4, etc depending on the pulses per beat (aka PPQN) you have in your DAW. In its default mode, BPM is a CV input as opposed to a trigger input. More here in case this may help:


awesome, that is, thanks!
(P 12)