MIDI 2 CV and Mouse MIDI port


How to use signals from a mouse via the VCV MIDI 2 CV module, with option “Computer” and “Mouse” as MIDI device?

Thank you. Alain

The vertical position of the mouse cursor on screen is output on MW as 0-10V. As far as I know, not documented. There may be other functions.


Oups. I made a confusion…

Taking the MIDI-Monitor from Stoermelder, we can see that the mouse generates 4 different MIDI cc messages:

  • cc0
  • cc1
  • cc32
  • cc33

By using MIDI CC2CV, and setting it with these messages, we have access to the different mouvements od the mouse !

Still searching who is who, because 4 signals for 2 axes… It seams that we have axes positions on one hand, and accelerations on the other one. But not sure. I’ll let you know when understand.


Indeed. I confirm. Strange.


CCs 0 + 32 and 1 + 33 sounds like 2 pairs of coarse/fine for X and Y.

set the Midi CC to CV module to “14-bit”.

and you get 0-10V for X out of CC#0(and CC#32), and the same for Y on CC#1(and CC#33). (with 14 bit resolution)

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cc 0 and cc1 seam to be the absolute position of the mouse pointer regarding the screen.

values 0-10V cc 0 : x axe cc 1 : y axe


“This fine adjustment is part of the conventional MIDI controller specification, where any of the first 32 controls can be optionally paired with a control offset 32 higher. This is the rare 14-bit Continuous Controller feature of the MIDI specification, and NRPNs simply take advantage of that existing option in the same way to offer 16,384 possible values instead of only 128.”

from NRPN - Wikipedia

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In physic, it’s somtime easier to listen the result of data movement instead of reading charts ;o)

So I tried that. So funny! A way to experiment, a sort of multi axes MIDI interface.

Alain MIDI mouse V1.vcv (4.5 KB)

Have to study that. I don’t know this part of the MIDI standard. Thank you! Alain

When playing a note, look at the moiuse cursor, and thnik of the 2 axes of the screen as cursors to modify the sound. :star_struck:

I don’t know this “14 bits resolution”… Alain

And try to deasable the “Smooth CC”. The sound modification is different. Alain

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Too late for me today, but I will try to display these information on the scope, in XY mode. We should have the position of the mouse regarding the two axes !?


Interesting. Thank you. Alain

I think I’m gonna build a mouse theramin left/right=volume up/down=pitch.

It will probably take weeks if not months to master, I think I use cc0 and cc1 the other ones are erratic at best :smile:


Following the information of @Jens.Peter.Nielsen, I’ll try a V2 (not before this evening…)

1/ Couple these informations in a different way on a XY scope or other display system.

2/ I continue thinking that the 2 precise outputs could be seen as accélérations of their relative axes. They could « amplify » the relative effect during a certain duration… With XT modules and their 4 modulation inputs with their atenuverters…

3/ Is it possible to connect two mouses on a PC? ON two different channels (I realize I never tried).


Nice idea!

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cc32 and cc33 are part of 14-bit MIDI messages and are not intended to used by themselves.
The actual value of the message is cc0 * 128 + cc32 and cc1 * 128 + cc33 which results in 14-bit resolution (0-16256) instead of 7-bit resolution (0-127) of standard MIDI CCs.
An upcoming update of my MIDI-MON will support interpreting such combined messages.


In my first tests, I used the cc32 and cc33 as other type of information. When we look at their mouvement, they are like « acceleration ». They appear during a very short duration (about 500 ms) and as they are multiplied by a factor… So I used them for instance to command mouvements in Surge XT VCO, delay…

Thank you for these precisions! Since the message from @Jens.Peter.Nielsen, I wasn’t able to understand this part in the MIDI standard :relieved:

A question about VCV MIDI 2 CV: what’s the difference on the output of this module when we switch the option « 14 bits » ? The outputs seam to be the same!?

Thank you for your modules, there are so great :grinning:.


MIDI mouse - V2 For now, the video in French (on my channel). The patch is coming with some comments.