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New music. If you didn’t know what to make of the last few releases, you definitely won’t know what to make of this. A fusion of various influences, mostly ambient, breakbeat, downtempo in nature with the normal topping of melancholy. Trying to find a way to speak to all the various forces acting upon us and how they shape our view of ourselves and the world around us.


Well done on a very good production! Broken, Seismic and Waves are my favorites here. Very nice work.

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New ambient music. Journeys through the healing process.

Everything made in VCV Rack and recorded live.


Also, thank you to everyone that takes the time to listen. I hope the things I make and share are in someway helpful as we watch the world fall apart around us.


Congratulations on a very nice release! There’s some nice pieces in there, particularly “Anticipation” caught my ear. Good stuff.

I totally get what you’re saying. If I could represent the flip-side of that coin: It’s very good for one’s sanity to know, that the so called “news” these days are almost exclusively focused on bad news. It’s very useful to know that there’s a lot of good things and people in the world, and lots of things that work better than ever, and things that continue to improve constantly. It’s just that we never hear about them. So it’s more important than ever to heavily dose news consumption and actively seek to know and engage with all those good things. Just my 2¢ peace, love and hugs :hibiscus::two_hearts::hugs:

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Easier said than done for me. I had to quit watching all cable news after getting overwhelmed with all of the bad news and craziness in the world, but for me especially in the USA and in Texas. I am not sure where one finds that positive news. I still read almost a dozen diverse news sources a day on my iPad, but, I can only handle doing so once a day for a limited amount of time.

But, this is exactly why I try to encourage everyone here to be kind, helpful, constructive, encouraging and respectful to each other. The web has never been a great place for positive interaction, though.


It’s a really good question and sadly it involves a lot more effort than turning on the dreadful cable news. My brief answer would be something like: You have to find the people who talk about the real world and not the world portrayed in the news. People like the late Hans Rosling, who actually show you everything that’s working and improving in the world. They’re out there, lots of them, but rarely on the front page. And then also to engage in inspiring people and communities, like this one tries to be, with an emphasis on things you love doing.

It’s a sad fact that a main ingredient in curing depression today is: Stay away from social media and stay away from “the news”, and put that phone away (for the young people). Such is life, but the good things are out there, they just need more effort. It’s a bit the same as “stop eating junk-food” which is so easily available and “start to cook healthy vegetables” which is more work but far better for you.

Edit 1: Although I really hesitate to do this I can’t help but respond to an honest and important question. Now, this is NOT to start a debate on this particular topic on this forum, that would be totally out of line. If you want(ed) to keep your sanity in the covid years I highly recommend listening to Dr. John Campbell and not much else. I mention him not so much as an example of good news but rather for the great healing effect of simply getting facts, from the actual official data, delivered by a professional that knows what he’s talking about, and doesn’t warp things one way or the other. I guarantee it’ll cure 80% of people’s anxiety about that particular topic.

So he and Hans Rosling are shining examples of actually telling the real story, including everything that’ll make you optimistic and keep your sanity, and volunteering to do the work that everyone else should be doing. They’re out there.

If you just want a casual dose of positive news on a regular basis this aint so bad:

If there’s any interest in me digging up more sources and people like this here let me know and maybe I could start a topic in the lounge area.

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Oh, you’re very welcome! :slight_smile: Currently listening through Forces - “Falling” right now - super nice!

And yeah, round of hugs for everyone, I guess. Personally I take some comfort in hoping that this place right here, among others, is at least somewhat indicative of the world not being populated (and run?) by as many willfully moronic and hateful [expletive] as social media and the news make it seem.


That might be best. I don’t want to hijack @melondruie 's thread. I was just wanting to present the view that music is a very personal sharing of emotion and feelings between the artist and the listener. Many of us have some intense angst right now and our music reflects both our angst and and our attempted optimism or hopefulness in the face of a lot of very negative stuff, much of it which is real or actual and not just news hype.

My impression of ambient and “new age” music definitely reflects my own journey in making meditation and relaxation and “visualization” music back in the 80s and 90s. Ambient for me is an attempt to express the hope for a more positive future while recognizing the pain of the present and past. Quite often the genre has a melancholic feel to it that is at heart a mixture of the blues with an upbeat or at least neutral optimism that things may get better, or at least we can choose to some extent how to react to these events.

Like I said, I would prefer not to put words into the OP’s mouth. But, artists usually would like to hear from the listener to better understand if what the listener feels is what the artist was expressing.

I love music that expresses emotion, of any type. The reality of the artist is absolutely real, as is the reality of the listener. I don’t want to devalue either.

That’s all. I appreciate this music because it conveys the artist’s emotions and resonates in some way and to some extent with my own.

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No worries about hijacking the thread, I appreciate any and all feedback or thoughts.

@k-chaffin Your words sum things up pretty well. This album was my attempt to deal with my own personal feelings of grief and loss from things in my life the last few years. These feelings have been made more difficult to deal with thanks to all the crap happening in the world at large, I felt perhaps others might be dealing with some similar issues and might get something positive out of the music. And I very much agree with the general idea of music being a vehicle for emotional expression and connection between artist and listener and ambient music in particular being very tied to that idea.

@purf I also look at the community here as a comfort and appreciate the people that contribute to it. It does serve as a healthy reminder that not all of humanity sucks.


Meditations On Isolation sounds like if Burial did those album intro tracks they put on black metal albums. In a good way.

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Thank you. Any comparison to Burial is a flattering one.