melondruie music

Sharing my music is always a bit intimidating and I’ve never been good at self-promotion, but I figure some people here might enjoy, maybe.


An album of dark trancey techno. Everything made in VCV Rack, recorded live.


Just finished listening. It was quite good :+1: I’ll have to go listen to the rest of your discography.

I don’t have a Spotify account I’m afraid. Do you have another link?

This is great, thanks for sharing

Don’t worry. I’ll make one.

Very nice. I’ll leave it on while I work. :+1:

Also on Bandcamp if that is easier.


Sharing something from a few months ago. Went back and listened to it yesterday. I often find that when making things I get sick of them and can’t be objective, but if I give it some time and space, I will be able to enjoy it a lot more.

Glitchy techno things. All made in VCV Rack. Recorded live.




Also just wanted to say that I appreciate anyone that takes the time to listen and truly appreciate any feedback or kind comments.


Releasing this album today. Ambient meditations on loneliness and isolation. Created over the first few months of 2021, my attempts to deal with the various emotions and pain from a difficult couple of years brought to a head by the isolation required while living through a pandemic.

Everything created in VCV Rack over the span of a few months and recorded live end of April, beginning of May.



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More techno things. Started with a few patches that I had discarded from previous projects. Reworked them into something I liked and created one new track in the same spirit.


Very nice!

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So which module did you use to get the Cavernous Reverb on the 2nd Track, almost Dub levels of reverb, love it! Thanks for your time.

I use Plateau from Valley for pretty much everything, including this. It gives a very lush sound, which I like.

I do as well, but very rarely get the ‘clean’ sound that you seem to get on the album tracks-what do you feed into Plateau, any settings help that you care to share would be much appreciated. Do you use multiple Plateaus for different parts of the tracks etc?

Just bought this album on Bandcamp, a truly beautiful pieces of atmospheric music that truly encapsulates what we have all been through in the last year and a half!

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Thank you for the kind words. I hoped in sharing it that others would be able to relate and perhaps it would help in some way.

I use the Mindmeld mixers and have Plateau as a send/return through the auxspander. I sometimes add another reverb module in the path before the mixer to get more smeared textures. I have found that reducing the low end on the input filter and diffusion filter settings helps to clean up the sound, too much bass in the reverb tends to muddy everything up. I also try to keep the sustain down on parts I want to be more spacious, letting the reverb have more space I guess, if that makes sense. Hope that helps.

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Thanks but would it be possible to see a screen snippets of the settings as well? I’m a visual learner I guess! All good advice is welcome. Much appreciated

Here is my default starting patch. I adjust settings for each track, but this gives an idea of the basic setup for reverb and mixer.