MaZe_6000 music thread


This is very, very, very good :+1:


Thank you! After watching some Colin Benders I asked myself how to sequence a melody where 1 note changes every time… came up with this simple solution which might become my template now…

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Noice :+1:

I miss Colin Benders, was fun and so good when he streamed on twitch.

Really beautiful!

Good stuff! Great rhythms, nice tune.

Excellent !


another strange experiment with eh… and music


Nice one, I like it! Good groovy rhythm.

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Nice one! :smiley:

Nice work!

Great sounding patch - those 2 Blamsoft Waves make a nice noise :grin::wink:

thanks! :slight_smile:

and yes, the XFX Wave is a really great oscillator :slight_smile:

, so I bought a Beatstep Pro and made some silly stuff…
I really need MIDI automation now, the waiting for 1.0 is getting more difficult… :slight_smile:


“VCV Rack ideas” inspired me to use LFOs with Amalgam… a very nice idea which I might get back to every once in a while, thanks for that!

You call it silly, but I quite like it. :smiley: A nice laid-back track.

I think adding some reverb to the lead to the voice that appears at about 1:00 could work out really great as well, to give it a bit more sense of space maybe?

Ok now I think I got something for you… this time with some lyrics, inspires to sing along :slight_smile:


Love this Discovery one! and are you making Plaits count numbers?! That’s crazy!

Thanks! Yes, it’s just Plaits in speech synthesis mode, switching the numbers randomly… :slight_smile: