Manifests files... some details about it

(Uriel Deveaud) #1

Hi, i would like to get clear the use of json manifests …

what must be done ?
is there one for each module ?
is the main manifest (for the slug) is important and why ?
in the future, will we have to do the same, vcv 1.0 ?

thanks to enlight me on this :slight_smile:

(David O'Rourke) #2

vcv 1.0 plugins should have a manifest. There are details if you follow the links in this post

It’s one file for the whole plugin, it has sections for each module.

I’m not sure where things are with v0.6.

(Skrylar) #3

AFAIK manifests in 0.6 just tell the update system what version everything is and where to find it. And most of that is presently managed by the build team outside of initial setup.

(Uriel Deveaud) #4

But at final, for 0.6x , should i do 1 manifest for my slug, or it is not necessary ?

(David O'Rourke) #5

I don’t believe you need to include a manifest file in your build for 0.6x.

For adding your 0.6.x plugin to the plugin manager, follow the section called Adding your plugin to the VCV Plugin Manager in here…


It looks like the JSON schema for 1.0 manifest files changed recently. Modules is now an array, it used to be an object. Anything we should know about this?

(Andrew Belt) #7

No, other than that “modules” is now an array instead of an object.