Guide for migrating 0.6 plugins to Rack v1

If anyone’s curious, here’s the WIP guide for migrating plugins to Rack v1.

I do not recommend migrating plugins yet, but this should give an early idea of the effort involved. For example, it took about 10 minutes for me to migrate Befaco. The most significant part was writing the plugin.json manifest file.


@Vortico I think the community-based approach with the Repair Team worked well last time and I am happy to lead that effort again for the Rack v1 migration. We might even get more participation for PRs this time around.

I have an osxcross/mingw/Linux based setup locally, which, if it is the same as your setup (compiler versions), could be used to run wholesale integration (build) tests on the library repo in regular intervals to check that migrated plugins still build without having to kick off the real build server.

Are you thinking of having a v1 branch of the library repo that is then switched to master once Rack v1 is released?


Bless you Christoph, it’s really appreciated!

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Perhaps better than a branch would be another manifests folder that replaces the existing one when the time comes. I’ll have to think about this later.

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