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Ok folks. I have decided to publish some patches. I have registered on patchstorage and there you can download my patches, If you like. I have also uploaded the patches to YT to listen to them. I realised that it is a lot of work but I have nothing else to do now. Have fun with it. First patch “Sexy Stellar Girl Drone”


This patch is based on the soundtrack of Blade Runner. The original patch comes from redmeansrecording which I partly used. This guy makes great “Sleep” patches.

Have Fun


Nice work! Thank you for sharing your patches.

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Glass Worx is based on ‘Scanner Darkly Orca’s Heart’. Unfortunately, Orca’s Heart has a small problem. When starting a sequence, the scale A/B cannot remember where it should start. Either it starts the A or the B. In this case, it is important to ensure that it starts in A. Otherwise, it will not run in sync with the rest. It would be beneficial if Orca’s Heart had a reset built-in to always start with A. However, who am I.

Enjoy Glass Worx, inspired by Philip Glass, one of the most significant pioneers of minimal music.


Very cool Luca, well done!


Wonderful piece and beautifully executed

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Thanks Lars, I’m always pleased to hear something positive.

Thank you Dave for your flowers. I’m very pleased. Have a beautiful Sunday.

Very nice patch!

Try the new version of Orca’s Heart which is in the Eightfold plugin.

Not sure if this issue is fixed there but it’s worth a try.

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I have tried the new version, even the new release v2.0.1-beta1. Does not work as I would like it to. The A/B is just a switch and nothing else. I can’t reset the switch to A. But thanks for listening to my patch.

you can switch between the gate and the trigger mode in the menu (only in orca’s heart v2 2.0.1 beta 1 - it will be in the next official v2 release) and use a flip flop to implement reset - check my reply in the eightfold thread.

great patch!

So I thought, why don’t you make a locomotive in VCV? It was really hard to get everything running. One problem was the final mix. But you can still change it. Have fun with it and have a good journey.

BTW…I think machine building in VCV can be a good idea for a new challenge! @Alphagem-O

Puffing Billy is the world’s oldest surviving steam locomotive, constructed in 1813–1814 by colliery viewer William Hedley.