MachineRhythm Challenge (June 2024)

Is anyone interested in another challenge for VCV Rack? For the month of June 2024, we’d like to explore the sonic beauty of machine sounds and rhythms.

This challenge picks up the artful idea of @Luca-Feelgood, who created the Puffing Billy patch.

Your challenge:

  • Choose one (1) of the following three categories representing machine sounds:

    • Factory (belt, wheel, printing press, robot, engine etc.) OR
    • Household (blender, toaster, washing machine, elevator, fan etc.) OR
    • Travel (car, train, airplane, ship, scooter etc.)
  • Create four (4) or more recognizable machine sounds within the category of your choice. Use only modules available for free from the current VCV library

  • Combine your sounds into a rhythmic ensemble, i.e. weave a beat from your machine sounds

  • All sounds must be synthesized on the spot: No samples, no recordings!

Tag entries “MachineRhythm June 2024” and submit up to 3 patches here by June 30, 2024.

Post patches on Patchstorage, if possible, and/or in this thread.

Post video/audio examples on YouTube/SoundCloud; run time should be between 1 and 3 minutes per patch.

Have fun!


Hi all,

My MachineRhythm June 2024 submission…

Patch can be found here:


This patch rocks, especially the bass/hummm together with the steady steam rhythm. Well done! Be careful not to overuse the steam whistle.

Thanks…fair point about the steam whistle…You can lower the probability of the B channel of the Bernouilly gate and/or lower the speed of CLK1 on the 2nd Clocked module to keep it a bit more modest…

Sorry folks that I was not present. I think it’s been a good 14 days since I was here. But in any way. Here I am. First of all many thanks to our challenge organizer. I was really happy to hear that he organized this machine challenge. So here is my contribution. I have decided in favour of a steel mill.

You are inside a steel mill. In the hall you hear, cranes, motors, heaters, boilers and other basic machinery.

In addition, you can hear workers, a Start working signal, pneumatic forging hammer, 120 MW transformer, electric arc furnace.


That’s a great patch and a very skillful soundscape! Feels really inside a machine hall with many noises from different sources and directions. Impressive!


Thanks for the bubbles. It was also a lot of enjoyment. The big problem was the final mix. And when I listen to it again, there are still small mistakes in the mix. But that’s what you get when you work with random, like in real life.

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