Looking for confirmation about Forum discussion guideline n°3

Hi @mods , Following this thread here and the fact it was closed : The Signal State - a modular synth puzzle game - #4 by Vortico

I was wondering if mentionning any other software like Ableton, Reaper, Sunvox, or non music related programs like image editors, or video games were banned too.

From my understanding of this rule, it’s okay to talk about these programs as long as we don’t ask for support for them (which the rule is clear about). But apparently it’s not the case according to the thread on Signal state ? Yet many times programs like Sunvox, Bespoke, and many video games (including ones with music making features like No man’s sky) were mentionned.

Should such threads have been deleted too ? I think this needs some clarification from Vortico or maybe the mod team.

Thanks in advance for the attention to my request


I’m under the impression that as long as the discussion is about using Rack still, it’s fair game? Like, This discussion about the Bespoke Synth wasn’t shut down, and I think that’s because Rack will soon able to be used within it as a plugin, so modular²- though I do see how that could be on the edge as it does fall a bit into competing product territory. A better example would be any of the number of threads about using a VST plugin in host with interesting results.

I too find this rule a bit complicated, as music software and hardware is almost always about how you get multiple things to interact in your setup as a whole. I use my Digitakt and Launchpad Pro as controllers in Rack and interface my hardware rack with an ES-3, ES-6, and FH-2. While I think a discussion about just those things would be off topic, here there’s the obvious context of using them with Rack, and I think there would be some dis-service being done if we were unable to do so, especially as Rack is so weird compared to other DAWs or software that sometimes getting things to play nicely together requires some workarounds or clever patching.


The description of the lounge topic is literally: “Off-topic conversations tangentially related to synthesizers, software, and music…”

After re-reading the “rules” it doesn’t seem like there was any reason in the rules for this. But Andrew is free to lock/block/ban as he sees fit.


That particular thread looks like it was indeed just an attempt to promote an unrelated commercial product :

Still, I find the forum/community rule quite problematic, if absolutely any mention of other softwares/products has to be avoided. How is this going to work when the plugin version of Rack 2 is released? Discussion about 3rd party host specific problems/bugs/use cases isn’t going to be allowed here?

I think use is the big one here. Workflow is a big deal. For example, I’ve been working on a rather disgustingly large strip preset for interfacing with my digitatkt:

And I can only imagine that trying to find clean ways to work inside of other software and make everything talk will be a big topic around here- both because of the VST options and because of the increased practicality of using external gear that comes with 2.0’s improved clock stability.

edit: yes, I know the rule only says “software” but I think that’s actually a tad ambiguous anyway as there’s a lot of synths now that are basically just a touch screen and software. I think the PolyEffects stuff could even be seen as a direct competitor to VCV in that regard (albeit one that I would never buy or reccomend- that UI lag is :face_vomiting: )

The big difference is bespoke synth is free, the game is paid. I also started a thread about audacity that stayed open, but one about bitwig was shut down immediately.

I think the rule is you’re only allowed to talk about non-commercial synths and stuff?

that doesn’t sound correct. We can try all we want to understand what the unwritten rule is… but why?

Hmm, yeah, I guess the rule does say commercial specifically. That, imho, makes it really weird? I guess it prevents advertising spam but ehh?

The rule SAYS that, but it’s super ambiguous. It goes on to talk about “we can’t support other stuff”, but support has nothing to do with the post in question.

That might be it, between your answer and @Xenakios ,The fact a person who isn’t active much made a post with a direct link to the Steam page of said game (instead of maybe just a trailer link) might be viewed as promotion.

I guess that’s more or less my answer :slight_smile: . The mods or Andrew rarely punish anyway for stuff like this anyway, but i just wanted some clarification since i often mention games that have a nice soundtrack (like Hunt Showdown, Warhammer Mechanicus) or other VSTs and softwares i use (like Pigments or Sunvox). Wouldn’t want to type for nothing :sweat_smile:

Thanks for the replies everyone, it’s a bit more clear now :smiley:

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I appreciate that it wasn’t the best link, and I didn’t realise that it would generate a big BUY NOW banner, but to me it looked very much like Rack and wondered if it had (legally) used the source code. And it looked like a cool game that would interest people here. I deliberately chose The Lounge as that seemed the appropriate place for it.

Same here, if we can’t post something anymore just to discuss it without thinking first “will this be viewed as promotion ?” I’m not too sure if i still want to risk engaging in discussions here.

I left moderation for other reasons, i was deeply annoyed with a few problematic members of the community and didn’t want to deal with it anymore, but i know for sure that’s not how i would have interpreted that rule.

I’m the kind of person to usually put Steam links too (and i’m pretty sure i’ve been doing it multiple times here when recommending games), so if we can’t do that because of rule 3 , then why are we allowed to talk about other softsynths or hardsynths ? (that would actually be much more of a VCV concurrent than any video game btw) . Well, i mean if that’s the route the forum is taking, might as well delete the Lounge category…

“Off-topic conversations tangentially related to synthesizers, software, and music” but don’t talk about synthesizers or software. Lol ok .

I’m just gonna end this post before i become really salty. I’ve always complained about the people making drama in here, so i’ll stop before i start


Rule #3 is clear. @roomofwires used the VCV community as a discussion forum for non-VCV commercial software products, simply resulting in the thread being locked. Just move along, he wasn’t suspended or banned. I’m not married to the rule, so I can reconsider if members ask. But while the rule exists, it will be enforced.

However, Rule #4 is much more serious:


Access to VCV community forums is a privilege. Public challenges to moderator decisions will result in a ban/suspension. However, it is okay to appeal or ask for clarification of a moderator decision in a private message or by emailing support@vcvrack.com.

If members can’t follow this simple rule to ask for clarification in a private message or support request, they will be banned or suspended.

I don’t have time to deal with people who do nothing but waste my time with public drama nonsense, so either follow the rules or leave.

Regarding @Olival_Clanaro’s question about whether rule #3 is confirmed: Yes, it was not added by mistake. Since the rest of this thread are public challenges to moderator decisions, I am locking this thread.