Bespoke Synth

I haven’t tried it yet, but will probably install later tonight and poke around a bit.


It calls itself a “modular DAW”, not a synth. btw.

I may try this but I’m particularly enjoying the table that compares the different versions.

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LOL - I missed that. Do you think there really are/will be different versions?

I asume you can just give the guy money.

Somehow reminds me of AudioGL, good to see that it has been in the works for a long while now.

I’ve been building and testing it here for quite a while. I like the cable activity, that’s very cool, and there are a lot of interesting tools on-board. IMO, not a contender with VCV Rack but a fine modular environment.

The site itself is called Bespokesynth though :slight_smile:

It’s looks cool ! I might try it on my Potato Linux that is too weak for Rack :slight_smile: The demo does sound really cool.

on my notebook it crashes each time it tries to scan my vst folder. :unamused:


I’ve given up trying to use vsts in it. I’m having a lot of fun playing with it though, I’ve found something else I can love as much as the Plaits string mode - the Karplus module. With some of the chance modules, a send with delay, reverb and the granulator, I’m coming up with some nice sounds that I can listen to for a long time. And the feature to save the last 30mins of audio is amazing.

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Wow ? it buffers the audio you’ve been playing ? Like the Windows recorder keeps 30 secs of what you were playing ? So cool ! 30 minutes is huge !

Yeah it does! It’s so handy and quite interesting to listen to your progress through making a patch.

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I guess i could just try, but how is performance? The PC i bring to work is a potato linux that has very low specs XD. Rack dies after 3 or 4 modules on it lol, but i can make or open huge and complicated Sunvox patch/songs on the other hand :slight_smile:

It doesn’t seem too bad, perhaps somewhere in between sunvox and rack. I’ve been making quite long effect chains and some of the effects are draining but the sequencers and synths/samplers seem to be quite economical. I have maxed out my cpu with it but I’m running fairly low jack settings and in powersave mode so I’m not really sure how well it fares with bigger patches and giving the machine a bit of breathing space.

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It’s very similar to Briwigs Grid.