Looking for a single shot sequencer

I would like to have multiple sequencer and trigger each one with midi for one cycle.


But i somehow i can not come up with a solution for this, any help would be appreciated!

You could use a burst generator with any sequencer.


Stellaree creative suite



Impromptu GatesSeq64, PhraseSeq16/32 and Foundry have an option to stop playing at the end of their songs, but it’s probably overkill for what you’re trying to do.

I read somewhere that the upcoming Entrian Sequencers also have a 1 shot mode.

Another approach would be recording the trigger into PackOne ReMove and setting this to 1 shot in the context menu.

Hi! Well, you can use, like @jeremy said, a burst generator that will shot out 8 triggers and run the sequencer only once so you can trigger it with Midi and have a one shot sequence. I did a video not long ago and I show exactly this - https://youtu.be/Gm32IMM59-c?t=550 Also, you can use the beautiful sequencers from Stellare that have built in one shot mode, and btw, not only their sequencers have this option, but also the sequential switches. Beautiful stuff.
Let me know if it works for you :slight_smile:

Of no use to you at the moment but forthcoming Racket Science sequencer suite will cater for one shot either pulse or phase driven. Hoping to release before March.

Adding extra text as having deleted original reply because I accidentally replied to Omri the forum won’t post a duplicate.


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of course nysthi::SQUONK since 2017


you can use any sequencer. run a clock to it through an AS Flow in the on position and have the last step of the sequence trigger Flow to the off position at the end.

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The recently released Count Modula 8 Step Sequencer has a 1-Shot mode.

Hello and thank you everybody for the reply!

The PhraseSeq16 was what i was looking for, together with a gate buffer. :slight_smile:

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