Entrian Sequencers Teaser Trailer

This upcoming commercial Rack module isn’t quite ready for release, but I can’t keep it to myself any longer:


Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat was that!!! Holy smokes, Batman!

Had to see this teaser several times to believe what this module offers. DAWs are no more needed. Were I should send my money???


So soon after xmas! Best invert & shake my sofa.

Looks solid ! Did you implement timecode support yet ? :wink:


Yes, yes!

Yes, yes1 Timecode support!

Can’t wait. Let us know if you want a beta tester! Looks awesome!

I’ll second this!

this is: DAW for VCV :clap:
I’d be in for beta testing too

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Guys and gals, you’re too kind! :slight_smile: Beta testers would be very welcome - I’ll get in touch when I’m at that stage, which isn’t far away.


WOw, huge effort!

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a HUGE gamechanger!

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Big time! There are other ways to use sequencers but they’re mostly tedious to set up and over midi things don’t always stay in sync for most daws, this is major for Rack standalone! Can’t wait to take it for a spin.

Also curios about possibility of recording from midi keyboard for example, especially poly signal (notes). Trigger recording was been possible in previous Entrian Drum Sequencer…And of course interested in recording automations into those fancy lines and then edit it!)

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count me in for osx testing

will pay you before the beta for sure!

Pretty amazed by this. VCV was allready becoming a DAW on its own , but this looks awesome!! :smiley: