Live performance VCV approach - Quantizer

Hello. I’m working on a system to play improvised live performances on stage… My idea is using a Minibrute 2s to control a “lead” sequence and have a VCV patch “follow” the incoming sequence harmonically. Do you know any quantizer module that can change its note values according to a changing external sequence? I’ll explain. I’d like that the last 7 notes of my “lead” sequence would be always the only one that the quantizer lets through. So if i change tge sequence the quantizer will follow. Or if you can think of some other kind of different system to achieve that. I hope i managed to explain myself.

Thanks in advance

This may be of interest:


Perhaps this might do some of what you are seeking:

EDIT: beat me by a few seconds there Ewen!


A thought: An expander for ProbKey that lets you set X (controlled by a knob) notes via CV/GATE? Maybe an additional CV in for probability?

You could have your lead sequence pass through a shift register and pass 7 notes to coerce quantizer.


Wow. Thanks a lot! I’ll try them all and share the results

And maybe the new one from Squinktronix: Harmony II