Harmony II, from Squinktronix

Harmony II is now in the library.

From the manual:

At the simplest level, Harmony II will take a monophonic CV input and output a polyphonic CV containing a chord. All of the controls, CVs, etc. will control exactly what chord comes out.

Harmony II is a chord generator with a trick - it can generate the correct chords for the key that you set. For example, in the key of C Major, the triads in the key are C Major, D minor, E minor, F Major, G Major, A minor, and B diminished. Harmony II can generate this easily.

Many of Harmony II’s features are motivated by use of diatonic harmony. But Harmony II also had non-diatonic scales.

Because use of diatonic scales and harmony is the “primary use case” of Harmony II, sometimes the terminology or parts of the manual may make is sound like Harmony is limited to diatonic harmony. This is emphatically not the case.

There is a very simple demo on youtube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aGEKo4fNvO4.


btw, the CV input let you do a lot of non-obvious things with this module. also, the number of scales it knows is pretty large. So I think it’s a pretty useful chord generator, and useful, too, as a regular quantizer.

There are also a lot of links to articles about music theory in the docs: here