(SG Mikaelsson) #1

I will probably keep all my personal music to a single post and update as I create new tracks to share.

Today, I will start with my recent experimentation with Animated Circuits plugins. Had such fun with these. The oscillators especially have some incredibly interesting sound abilities. Please enjoy. <3

Liquidmind - Cosmic Raisins [Soundcloud]

(SG Mikaelsson) #2

Just a short snippet here from some tuning experiment. Hoping to capture this vibe and patch something bigger with it down the line.

Liquidmind - Gbambiya [Soundcloud]

(SG Mikaelsson) #3

Didn’t even take long. I expanded upon the idea, and wrote my own .scl tuning files [very easy]. This time came around with something quite ominous. I like these two tunings, and hope to use them more often.

Liquidmind - Ayimba [Soundcloud]

(SG Mikaelsson) #4

Today I’ve been fiddling about, trying to figure out some sensical way to use the gamepad feature in the MIDI modules. In this, I have the sticks controlling overall volume [with Rampage doing some enveloping], panning and vibrato. I have LT on filter cutoff and RT on resonance [and drive to offset the volume drop].

The Bogaudio noisegate was really helpful in giving me a bit of a soft cutoff near the bottom of the sticks’ range. They were far too sensitive, otherwise. You can’t really notice they are there. But you would absolutely know if they weren’t.

The quad panner from Nysthi was helpful in visualising where my sticks were. Not needed, but especially helpful to make sure the noisegates had them locked back in.

Attenuverters were helpful for inverting the Y-vector of the sticks. They default to Negative-Y being Positive-CV, which I found odd, but easy workaround.

I hope to give this a more in depth go on a grander track at some point.

Liquidmind - Rack Controller Test [Soundcloud]