Liquidmind's Recordings

I do use yours when I have need for them. You may like Ominous Feeling, a couple posts up. From the screenshot alone, there’s a Booty Shifter, EV3 and Shaper involved.

CPU isn’t everything. Just a bonus. First choice is always that it has the sound I’m after. Then I try cut down on CPU if I really need to. However, this recent track was all about playing with Instruo. and I foudn that a lot of them have sounds I love whilst simultaneously being low CPU. So they will get more use when comes time that I want their sound again. Who knows, maybe some Instruo + Squinky stuff will makes its way into my patches.

Oh, for sure sound first. If possible. My take is just that if you are running into CPU limits your only choices that affect things a lot are a) make a smaller patch (perhaps a good idea anyway), b) buy a better computer or c) use modules that use less CPU. Option a and c are both cost-effective (free).

But of course if running out of CPU isn’t a big problem, that’s nice, and you don’t have to worry about this stuff (when you probably would rather be making music).