Lindenberg Research Announcements Thread

Good point on the “coffee” links. Won’t necessarily get me some of the “paid only” modules, but is a great way to support devs who don’t have paid modules.

Some have patreon accounts too. Just signed up with voxglitch for a month to show some support for the great modules Bret has been putting out recently.

Most module devs aren’t bailing out.

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Very excited to be able to pay for your work! Your modules have always lead me to some of my favorite musical places. I distinctly remember back in 1.0 getting lost in a patch with Valerie that sounded exactly like a Daft Punk patch, and ever since I’ve had to use restraint not to overuse your modules.


Take your time man! People are acting a bit entitled/impatient here, in the end we’re just talking about nice add-ons for a virtual fart-sound-making-machine. Don’t feel pressured to waste time on this project, especially if you’re having health problems.

Get better soon!


Good news:

Final Beta will be downloadable on Monday. If no big issues occur it will be submitted to VCV next week.

Stay tuned and have a good time!




Awesome, good to hear. I’ve personally held off on installing the beta versions as I currently don’t have much time each week with VCV due to work. I also don’t really have the skills in VCV yet to be able to do any useful work to help test.

I’m going to be off work for a spell (recovering from a cardiac ablation) as of mid-October so I will hopefully be purchasing the modules when they become available (if you decide to go paid only).


Hi Patrick! Very good news! Where can we find the link? thanks!

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