License failed to download

Hi it seems I cant download my license key. Also Ableton is not recognizing VCV Pro at all. Any suggestions? I gues server is down hehe

Ableton works for me… (Mac) its probably because you have not registered yet.

you need to email them with the machineID that will given if the download license key fails. they’ll then tell you how to get the license.

that said… whilst this has worked for me… Im not able to update the module library at the moment :frowning:

Server is getting SLAMMED. Just keep trying; took me about 5min to get in through the program. Expecting I might be able to download V2 library plugins sometime tonight :slight_smile:

You can also try getting the offline license–there’s a link for that, let me find it.

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Had the same download problem. Apparently the server is getting slammed. Followed the instructions in the error message

  • Email
  • Include the machineID from the error message. Got my key and performed an offline install.

yeah. @Omri_Cohen video went up… so I hit the buy now button… I guess, 1M others decided the same thing :wink:


You can just login into VCV - Register / Log in and put in your machine ID and download the license keys. :slight_smile: No need to contact the support for this.


You should also be able to enter the Machine ID in the URL here (just add it at the end):

and then save that file and get your licenses that way.

I think you may have to get an error in order to see the Machine ID, and some people are experiencing indefinite stalling instead. I’m guessing that if you take your computer offline you can force the error, get the machine ID, then reconnect and either email or use the URL above…

Hi! I just wanted to ask if anyone is experiencing the same issue after copying the files into the licence folder?? I seem to be getting the same error even after downloading and installing the licences. Thanks!

Works fine for me. worth making sure you put the key in the VCV2 folder and not the older version, I almost did that before realizing…

I have the licence downloaded but I can’t find how to load it in VCV2. Do you have any pointers for me?

Pretty weird. I’ve put the documents into the licences folder of VCV2, but when I restart and re-open rack it still tries to download the licences from the web instead of pulling them from the folder.

@pheek If on Mac, open your documents folder and find the VCV2 folder, when you open it there should be a folder called ‘Licences’, paste the the licences there and well… it should work, but it doesn’t for me. So maybe I’m missing something.

It goes in your user folder, which is \Users\[username]\Documents\Rack2 on Windows (I can find Mac/Linux in a moment). I think you just save the .vcvkey file(s) in the \licenses subdirectory. Someone who did it manually may have more useful insights–I was eventually able to get the application to do it.

Yeah weird… I’m on windows though, maybe there’s an issue with some mac OSs?

My bad G, I was pasting a bunch of licences into the folder because I had a lot of purchased modules, didn’t notice that the Rack licence wasn’t in the mix hahahah Guess I’m to excited… been waiting for this for months hahaha thanks tho!


glad that worked, @Kama! Have a blast.

@pheek, any luck?

Anyone tried opening projects from v1 into v2? although most if not all of the modules I use have been made available for v2, my projects load almost empty… :confused:

awesome! yeah for now we can only play with the fundamental… library downloads will be stable only when the server overload will relax a bit I guess


Have you been able to download any in V2? That server is even more on fire than the license server :slight_smile:

I think most people, myself included, are Fundamentals-only for a little while longer…

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ooh, right… I keep forgetting that there’s about a million people riding the servers like there’s no tomorrow… you reckon that old project will load as normal once the server/downloads stabilise? obviously given that the modules are available in v2


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yes, thank you!

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