License failed to download

my old Rack 1 patches have been loading into Rack 2 without a problem

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good to know that things are looking alright. seems like it’s just the insane server overload which keeps certain users from using everything right now

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yeah, took me quite a lot of attempts to get library… eventually it queries what needed to be ‘updated’ but even then, I ended up click each individually to download one at a time, as they kept failing…

Im sure in next few hours it’ll settle down…

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Or days, depending on who does initial coverage of it and when it’s released… I’m guessing Andrew is frantically provisioning extra servers as we type.

You’re probably very correct about that… we’ll see what happens, most of my modules have shown up in query, I got a notification that they were also downloaded, but they don’t appear within rack/browser, although the website does show that I indeed have them. So hopefully everything should even out soon

Same here. My paid modules do not show up because of license problems

I assume you had the problem with licence verification when trying to log into vcv. Have you downloaded all the paid licences from the website> They should’ve shown up together with v2 licences so just copy them into the licence folder. Although I’m not entirely sure myself since none of my modules apart from the VCV ones are visible as of yet.