LFO or ADSR on any control of a module : possible?


if you look at how Serum works, you will find that it is possible to drag an LFO or ADSR to any parameter of Serum,

For example in Serum, it is possible to drag an LFO to the release of ADSR 1 or to the selector of the wave in WaveTable of the 1st oscillator.

It is also possible to do the same with Massive.

Now, is it possible in VCV Rack to place an LFO on,for example, the Freq parameter of VCO-1? In my opinion not unless someone explains to me how?


Yes, of course. Any “modular” synthesizer lets you do this. In modular language, the LFO would have an output, and the other module (let’s say it’s a filter) would have an input (let’s say it’s the cutoff frequency modulation input). You “patch” the LFO output to the filter input and voila.

This metaphor, however, is probably different from what you are used to in your DAW or VST synthesizer plugin.

If you continue your interest in VCV, you will want to learn the fundamentals. If you search this forum you will find many, many many resources that will be useful.

Check out this module: Stoermelder µMAP

Lets you use any signal to control a parameter (knob) of another module

ok but for example:

-in VCF module,no input for Fine

-in VCO-1 module,no input for Freq or for Fine,etc…

So,how to solve that?

Please, please take some time to learn how a modular synthesizer works.


Hi @obywanna–

VCO-1’s V/OCT input is the pitch input. (That’s a standard convention in modular, invented I think by Bob Moog, where voltage changes pitch and 1 volt means one octave change, hence V/OCT). So if you put CV into that input, it covers the function of both the FREQ and FINE knobs.

If you want to turn knobs (flip switches, etc.) with CV, especially when there’s no input available (as with the VCO-1 ANLG/DIGI and HARD/SOFT switches), @computerscare gave you a good recommendation. CV-Map is the full version (edit: here’s the manual, which is great; you’ll see that the library descriptions are often pretty minimal but the little “User manual” link is gold):

You can also do this with MIDI with

or the more advanced Stoermelder MIDI-CAT:

A friendly meta-comment: it sounds like you’re having a strong early engagement with Rack, and that’s great–I look forward to hearing the music you produce!–but I’ll echo what others have said that you may want to start with browsing existing posts on the forum, working through some tutorials, etc. Omri Cohen on Youtube is a great place to start. That way the forum will be a fresh resource for help you really need and that’s not already available elsewhere :slight_smile:



Instead of asking all these questions and expecting to be spoon-fed answers (without ever a thank you as far as I can see), please take some time yourself to learn the basics. There are some excellent VCV tutorials on Youtube that will get you started and the thread linked below contains some great resources.

It’s fine to ask specific questions when you run into a problem, and the community here are very helpful, but you do need to put in some effort of your own to learn rather than just spam the forum with endless basic questions.