Let's build a Krell Patch in VCV Rack

In the ‘50s, a film named Forbidden Planet featured the Krell creatures, and their theme inspired Todd Barton to build a patch, the Krell patch, as an interpretation of the Krell creatures’ music.

The essence of this patch is a main looping envelope\function, of which the rise and fall times are modulated by 2 more looping envelopes, and their rise and fall times are also modulated by a smooth random signal. The main envelope is then controlling the level of an oscillator, but also triggering a s&h unit via its end of cycle output, which then modulates the pitch of the oscillator. The result is so unique and alive, ever-changing, and it’s almost like it’s breathing.
In this video, I build a Krell patch, from scratch, and also adding to it, developing it further.

Hello Omri
nice work as usual
but if I remember well, I think the Krell patch was created by Louis & Bebe Barron
even if Todd Barton is a genius :wink:

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Yeah, the original from the movie was created by them, but the Krell patch itself, inspired by the Krell music, was created by Todd. Anyway, it’s a lovely patch, never mind who invented it :slight_smile:


Inspired by your video… https://soundcloud.com/ananda-namaste/krell-evolution

Krell Evolution.vcv (62.4 KB)


Hey, Ananda, that’s beautiful! So many textures and movement… The Krell patch is truly unique…

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Well done Ananda. Sounds cool and great sounds.


Hey all. I uploaded songs to my thread finally! I have 2 renditions in a tribute to Forbidden Planet there … Racking my brain! Compositions by MIchael