Last time I posted I needed to wait for moderator approval - all posts in Announcements need moderator approval

Is this normal? Do all posts need to wait for moderator approval? I can’t remember…

This post didn’t require approval. Does the community forum look for keywords or something? Very strange.

No. I think you’ve probably been put on a “graylist”.


Well, we know that within the last year there has been a keyword list that if used requires a moderator approval. At that time, the moderator said he was going to get this changed.

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I’ve seen this a few times too.

Maybe you’ve commented on aliasing enough times something thought you were a bot :smile:


All posts on #announcements require moderator approval. Your last thread Null Path turbulence has a bunch of aliasing was posted to #announcements, so I recategorized it to #plugins and approved it.


Thx. Makes sense.