Null Path turbulence has a bunch of aliasing

Most of the super saws I’ve seen don’t have a lot of aliasing. A recent example is the Flag prodigal son. Whey does this new one have so much aliasing? It is intentional?

it’s not at all intentional. it stems from the fact that this is my first oscillator and i haven’t yet learned about reducing aliasing. i’m trying to learn now, though. all i know so far is that i need the MinBlepGenerator. just need to figure out how to use it, first.

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For minBLEP copying the core of Funadmantal VCO is a good way to go. My super saw uses oversampling, as at the time I thought that the overhead of oversamping would be less that the overhead of seven minBLEP saws (mine has 7, not 3).

There is a good thread and video for the new FLAG Prodigal Son. It’s worth checking out. He compares it to mine in the video, and shows how his technique doesn’t attenuate the top octave so bad.

I also noticed that CPU usage on your module seemed pretty high, although I think I only compared it to Prodigal Son? (don’t remember, maybe was my Saws). The Null Path one wasn’t bad, but it was like 5x whatever it was I had up beside it.

thanks for the info. i’ve been digging into the Fundamental VCO for a while now trying to work out how to incorporate MinBLEP into my oscillator. here’s hoping i manage to do so.

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If you just take that Fundamental code “as is” and remove the stuff you don’t need (sync, all the output waveforms) it’s a little simpler. And you have to decide if you are going to use SIMD/float_4 like most do. It will be much more efficient if you do, but a little harder.