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Please make VCV have a mono out option. It’s so annoying having to come up with stupid and long winded work arounds to be able to use all of the inputs/ outputs of my ES-9s when sending things from the VCV plug-in to Ableton tracks.

Forgive me for being blunt but stereo out only is absolutely stupid. I really hope this can be implemented in a future update as it’s so basic.

/ rant

Are you sure it’s not an Ableton issue? I can route individual mono Audio-16 outputs from the VCV Rack plugin to different things in Reaper and if I stick on oscilloscope plugins to monitor each they show distinct waveforms with no bleed. I too have Ableton and also see only stereo outs from the exact same VST in Ableton.

Where is the ES-9 factored in? Are you sending to it independent of your main interface in some kind of shared mode?

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just plug a dummy cable on the right input of the AUDIO module


But then I lose half of my ES-9 inputs. Also, how do you plug in a “dummy cable”. In VCV rack a cable is only present if it is connected on both sides.

It’s the same in Logic Pro.

I have the ES-9 in the VCV Rack Plug-in using core audio.

A request for VCV - Support

So you are going to the ES-9 directly from the plugin rather than routing the audio into your DAW and forwarding it on? Do you have way to do that, basically have an audio send from a track to external hardware?

this is an example. be sure the “master audio module flag” in on the correct one.

I don’t undestand why you should lose half of your channels, but I don’t know your DAWs :wink: i’m in love with Reaper and I know its routing

p.s. I have an ES-9 as well

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The SubmarineFree SS-112 Input Sinks is for exactly that. It’s an inert place to plug in the other end of a cable

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he needs the opposite :wink:

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casually I just found this one


So I’m using another audio interface as the main project interface (this makes no difference to the problem, I’ve tried every way possible), I open the VCV Rack VST in a midi track and open the Audio 16 module, change it to Core Audio, ES-9, and then I have full interaction between my VCV Project and my hardware rack.

I then have another Audio 16 module to send things from the VCV project to Ableton tracks. The problem is, VCV only allows you to send things out as stereo pairs into Ableton. So, if I have a mono signal (let’s say drums from BIA or something), I have to duplicate it into the Audio 16s 1 and 2 outputs, cos if I put into 1 only, you only get sound from the left. There’s other work arounds I can use with the utility plugin inside of Ableton, but it’s all a PITA and can affect gain staging etc.

All I want is to be able to send mono tracks from VCV Rack to a mono track in Ableton. However, VCV doesn’t allow you to do this. It’s the same in Logic, and when you go to open the VCV plug-in inside of Logic it doesn’t give you an option to open it as a mono out plugin, only as a stereo out.

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What is weird is that since it works in Reaper (I just checked), it may be on Live’s side. (the ability or not to route mono outputs from the “external instruments” device.

Has anyone used mono outputs from multichannel instruments in Live the same way you are describing ? (like Kontakt or something like that ?)

Logic is a bit problematic with mono too, again it is on Logic’s side.

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Yes, I think as it works fine in Reaper it’s just something fundamental to how each particular DAW handles those audio outputs from the plugin; I don’t see how VCV can fix that.


This is not a Rack issue but an Ableton one.

There’s no such thing as mono in Ableton. Its audio engine converts all mono audio files to stereo and it runs all plugins, including Rack, in stereo.

Audio 16 is clearly outputting mono signals, but Ableton will treat those as 8 stereo pairs, which explains what you are experiencing with getting a left channel only when you only send the signal on channel 1. It’s easily fixed of course by just putting a Utility plugin at the start of your FX chain and clicking the ‘mono’ button

There is nothing VCV can do about this. If you want to complain about it (and I agree it’s inefficient…) send your complaint to Ableton.


it is not weird, Reaper is just a software from which the other ones should learn! :broccoli:

@jamess4487 can’t you set up a 16 channel receiving track on Live? I have heard they implemented surround capabilities this year…so this should be possible, otherwise how could it export multichannel wav files?

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Hmmmm, but Logic does accept mono tracks, and it’s the same in Logic…

Also, it’s easily fixed in terms of getting it into mono, but you still lose half of your 14 inputs on your ES-9 when sending them to Ableton via VCV rack.

If it’s a fault in the VCV plugin please explain how this works fine in Reaper?


why don’t you send your ES-9 directly to Ableton and use VCV as a plugin there?
(I know) you need VCV Pro for this

That’s what I’m doing!