Keystep with VCV Rack, how?

I might be missing something in my reading (or intelligence) but I cannot seem to get a clock from my Keystep. Switches at the back of the key step are set to internal. Should I be able to detect the clock in VCV Rack, or do I now have to go and buy a Sound interface (I use a Mac) and then use the sync output at the Rea of the Keystep. I am not a musician and only dabble to pass the time.

After trying what I thought was everything, swallowing my pride and asking a stupid question, I had one more attempt and got it working.

I only get clock output when I am runningnthe sequencer.

I do not own a keystep, sorry.

It has been asked before. I’m sure the answer you are looking for is on here if it is not ask in the thread in the previous post, where you are likely to get an answer as those who own a Keystep have posted in that thread. If I owned one I could tell you but I do not.

There is also a few more threads asking the same question perhaps if you run a search for keystep you will find the info?

We have several KeyStep threads open already.