How to use keystep in Rack?

I’ve just bought a keystep but I’m not sure how to use it in Rack. I would like to sync it but it seems the only option is using the keystep as the clock master and sending it to rack. Can I take the clock it generates and send to Clocked to set bpm and sync? I tried the MIDI-1 module but the clock output doesn’t seem to affect Clocked at all.

I also use the Keystep with rack, and it’s great! There are several ways you can sync it with VCV, and I actuality made a video about it not long ago. Let me know if you have any questions :slight_smile:


Wow now I feel stupid! I’m an avid follower of your videos and the main reason I bought the keystep but somehow I missed this video, I thought I had seen it and was just a jam. Thanks again Omri!

Is it just a regular audio cable then, mini jack to 1/4 inch?

No worries :slight_smile: And yes, it’s a normal patch cable. One thing to keep in mind though, and that depends on what you want to do, but if you sync the clock with the analog clock, but still send Midi information to VCV, you will have sync issues. Can be that it’s only like this with my setup, but try it out and see if you have any issues. What I do now, I sync everything with Midi. I don’t use Clocked anymore, but I use both clock outputs from the Midi-1 module, and if needed clock dividers and multipliers, so I keep everything through Midi. Let me know how it works for you :slight_smile: