Keyboard Zone Split Module

Which modules support setting up MIDI keyboard key split zones? I have used one before but cannot remember nor find it, It may have been a V1 module.

What I want to do is split one of my 60 key MIDI keyboards such that I can play two handed with each hand sending MIDI notes to a separate output from which I can then route to different parts of the patch.

I have searched everything I can think of but may very well have missed it in the fuzzy search noise.

Could this do it ?

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Yes, possibly. I had just found PART and started playing with it. Looks like this should probably work. But, I do not think this is the module that I was thinking of.

Thanks for this suggestion.

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It was this one but not available yet :

EDIT, funny thing I can’t see the pic I attached to this post on my PC.

Is that a real module? :wink:

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Yep, I’m pretty sure that is the one I have used in V1. Too bad it didn’t make the journey. Thanks. I’ll make PART work, but it will take some additional logic to get it to do what I want, I think.

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Just to test for myself :

Works great Bass/Bleak (left) Lead/chords/Saws (right)


Looks like Kilpatrick MIDI Channel will give you keyboard split. Chain for multiple regions.

Kilpatrick in VCV Library (

Not used it myself, and I’m not seeing how to get from vMidi to voltage/gate/trigger


Thanks. I will take a look at that. I have Impromptu PART working well at the moment.

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Was easier than I thought :grinning:

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Does anyone have any other ideas on how to do a MIDI keyboard split where for example low note CV and gate come out of one set of outputs and high note CV and gate come out of a second set? For some reason, the Kilpatrick MIDI Channel module does not seem to work at all for me and it has not been updated in a long time. The Impromptu Part module isn’t really built to do this.

Part did not do the trick? I’d be curious to know the issue.

No, but I may be using it wrong. I need low note CV’s and gates to go to one destination and high note CV’s and gates to go to a different module. I want my left hand playing one part and my right hand playing the other concurrently.

That’s exactly what it was made for, and how I use it. One thing that is perhaps not apparent at first, is that we have to use the CV THRU, so that all CV+GATE pairs are delayed by the same sample delay. Another thing is that the VOCT and GATE outputs will have the same number of poly channels as the inputs, it’s just that the proper gate channels will be muted in their respective low/high outputs, having the same effect as a poly split. This is by design so as to avoid constantly reconfiguring the number of poly channels on the output.

Ah, I see. I needed to just send the THRU CV to both voices and rely on the switched gate to select which is sounding. I was not thinking fully polyphonically :wink:

I may not be able to do what I want though as I am controlling the Meander harmony and melody “degree” inputs and these are monophonic. Is it correct that the receiving modules need to be be fully polyphonic for this to work?

Thanks for your advice.

For the curious, I am trying to play Meander by harmonic degrees 1-7 with my left hand and by melodic scale degrees 1-7 with my right hand. Those are both limited to monophony each.

I needed to just send the THRU CV to both voices and rely on the switched gate to select which is sounding


the receiving modules need to be be fully polyphonic for this to work?



Thanks. I will have to think up a way to do this monophonically. It definitely is an unusual use case.

Another option is running the midi through a couple “orangeline fence” modules. (You can define ranges for notes to pass through.)

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Thanks, I will give Fence a try. I think I may have to use two Fence modules to do what I want. I may give BASICally a try as this is an unusual use case.