Just mentioning...

I won’t pay for even one plugin unless the free core has been programmed to do its dues!


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That’s a shame, you’re missing out.

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Thanks for making that clear, we were all wondering what you were going to do.


In memoriam of the long gone football365 forum I can only reply with

wat r these commets even mean x


uhhh… that’s some news …

There should be some sort of demo period for plugins.

I’ve used VCV for years and never needed to pay anyone anything for it. There are thousands of free modules.


True, but some of the paid ones are great. Host for a start, because it opens up almost limitless free VST plugins, and Soundstage is amazing too. Also, buying a few modules occasionally supports the project. I don’t understand the logic in complaining about free software, whilst refusing to contribute anything to it! Just my opinion :wink:


I agree with you entirely. I’d buy VCV stuff too if i didn’t live in poverty. I was trying to respond as politely as possible to the snark from the original poster.


Understood. Times are tough for many people at the moment, and I can’t spend a lot of money on this stuff either. I usually try to be polite as well, but I’m not sure it’s worth it with some posts! The difference is that you’re not complaining about the free modules you use.

Not sure what you mean by this but the ‘Free Core’ of VCV Rack is fully functional, stable, regularly updated (a fact which you missed since you are still on v1.x), and, er, free. As are the 2,389 free modules currently available - which also fully functional, stable, regularly updated and rapidly increasing in number.

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I really enjoy how this community has come together to create some sort of relevant discussion out of what is blatant trolling, subverting the OPs thread without the need for name calling or ban-hammers (at least for now :wink:), congratulations to everyone, bravo


Because of this my modules are all free. Initially I planned to make some free modules and some paid modules. And I don’t think it is possible to make a living out of paid modules.


I seriously doubt there’s a single Rack developer making a living out of paid modules (other than Andrew).


I don’t know what this post means (it is probably a troll post), but what I personally hate is when free versions are just the castrated paid ones. And that is not only about plugins, but also about software and all that stuff. If it is some kind of promo - make it fully functional, so the user would know what to expect from the paid version. And there wouldn’t be any surprises. Cut off the polyphony or something not essential for the user-friendliness and overall usability (looking at you, Entrian Drummer). Or just don’t tease with the free stuff that is actually a mutilated paid version. Make a video about it, or ask Omri to do it, so people would know what to expect and wouldn’t be annoyed with the glaring holes in the functionality or other limitations that you put into the module\software.

But here we arrived to the point where I do not agree with our troll. Because even if you are as annoyed as I am with all these castrated versions (and there’re not a lot of them in the library, to be honest), you have a shit ton of free stuff that was meant to be free from the beginning. It’s not castrated, it’s fully functional, it works perfectly, it shows great dedication to the product (a free product!!!). So I think this Mascha person just doesn’t know yet how to work with VCV, maybe has a trouble with library OR Mascha blatantly trolls us, that could be too.


I went with making a free plugin first. Fully functional, containing experiments in GUI and module design. VCV Library - KRTPluginA will always be free, fixed when necessary and extended when I feel like it.

For commercialisation the documentation of VCV Rack does require you to make your own graphical control GUI set. I haven’t decided what to include in any future paid module. I don’t see why adding extra control features or styling is bad to charge for. Not that I’d do it myself.

Cutting down modules though, that’s something I find a bit poo. Being on lin-arm64 too, I sometimes am limited by not having some free closed source modules. Is a closed source really cutting something down? And commercial modules aren’t really available outside the library functionality of mac-arm64 (although even this is somewhat limited beta), win-x64 and lin-x64.

It’s not a complaint from me. This VCV Rack stuff is excellent.

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I don’t even know what this means or what this guy is trying to say.


Just so everyone knows…

I will not be purchasing ALL of the paid plugins until…

I can afford them all.

I thank every developer who has made their work available for free and I am excited to continue acquiring those modules from developers who consider their efforts worth some small compensation, as I completely agree.

I would also like to thank Andrew for his work on making a virtual modular platform (that has since become a plugin) which is more resource efficient than Softube’s, Modular, and more 1 to 1 with Eurorack in terms of functionality than Cherry Audio’s, Voltage Modular. Hell… they even have my thanks.

I’m thinking the Path Set collections next, unless the Lindenberg Research collection comes out before I get them, as Patrick has clearly been working hard on those and they sounded fantastic back in version 1…



I will not be going to work until the transport there is free.