John's "Gold Star for Documentation" Awards

The first Gold Star for Documentation goes to . . .drumroll . . .

:star2:Algoritmarte VCV Rack Modules:star2:

All the gozintas and gozoutas are explained, the effects of parameters and knob-twisting, what voltage levels are expected, each module has an overview at the start to give an idea of what it might be useful for, the names of the modules are somewhat descriptive (if a bit whimsical),
The largest one, “Zefiro”, is even broken down into its ten main sections, each with a partial image of the panel and details on how they work.

So, here’s to Algoritmarte! :fireworks:

I hope to be awarding more Gold Stars in the future via this thread, as I discover worthy recipients.


best one, hands down, is Aria Salvatrice’s manual methinks


I agree

+1 for Aria

+2 for aria :stuck_out_tongue:

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Geodesics have great documentation too :slight_smile: Which is amazing ! Because the modules aren’t really straightforward, but after a read of the manuals it all makes sense !


Not VCV, but today acquired Acustica Audio’s Cream 2 plugin for free as part of the Focsrite/Novation collective and the (PDF) manual is remarkable, they’ve done it like a tongue in cheek version of Dante’s inferno along with sepia worn illustrations etc. It takes quite a lot to make me read any manual these days so they did well.

+1 for nysthi


I would like a silver or bronze start, please. My manuals aren’t great, but they are decent, and all of my 25-30 modules were released with documentation. There is a direct link from every module’s context menu that directly opens the manual.

John runs off to check it out.

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Okay, another Gold Star goes to . . .

:star2:Aria Salvatrice :star2:

A clever design (behaviour of those patch cords when scrolling), and a quirky presentation, but it does the job. :+1:


Slime Child Audio’s manual for Substation is def pro-level, as well. Clear, comprehensive, amply illustrated, and well-designed with a strong, cohesive aesthetic.

:chef’s kiss:

That color scheme is a bit odd, the white is too bright in regards to the not all that dark mauve tone methinks, but clear it is indeed…

Slime Child Audio - I can’t really make many pronouncements about modules that are behind a paywall because I cannot determine if the docs accurately describe the modules, BUT they do seem pretty good.

-1 For the low-contrast colour scheme (manuals and modules appearance). In this respect I will have to partially disagree with fractalgee.

+1 For repeating some phrases that should not have to be repeated, but doing so removes any doubt. (eg. ATTACK and DECAY parameters for the ENVELOPE module)

0 penalty for lack of descriptions for the Blank panels. :crazy_face:

So, an honourable mention at the very least. :+1: