Jackokring development blog (looking for module kinds thin on the ground (avoiding duplication)?)

Hi. Just started a repo. I did some stuff before the big v1.0 switch, but I’m redoing anything good. As I haven’t used it much as the older pre-v1 stuff just had a difficult compile issue, (all solved on the latest covid branch), what kind of modules are rare?

I suppose it’s kind of obvious but I haven’t had the time to run through all the library. For example, a basic VCO would be kind of pointless, but some super granular split pitch shift thing is likely already kind of a duplicate given the quality of some instrument modules.

I was thinking of a filter first (full low to high sweep with full normal to inverse and maybe even an 18db/oct) as that maybe isn’t there with some extra bits for fun.

At the moment I’ve got a blank 6 param, 6 in, 6 out beast template.


So so far after a couple of hours it’s better than my VST2 developer template. :smiley:

Hm, I think everyone around here will be laughing about the words I am about to say, but:

  • a sequencer

:astonished: :astonished: :astonished:

There are thousands!

Yes, and a lot of them are great! But I miss a step sequencer with note (poly) / gate-length / velocity / glide / probability per step and a length of at least 64 steps per sequence. Maybe with pattern-chaining or some kind of song mode. Hardware-things to look at would be elektron digitakt, deluge, squarp pyramid, that sort of sequencing. Anything without a piano roll but with control over each step. I don’t know how a GUI for that kind of sequencing would look like in VCV, maybe something like a 8x8 pad-grid with a few rotary encoders for the parameters, that change after clicking on a pad and a little 1-octave keyboard for note input?

Or am I blind and this already exists?


Latency? :smiley:

One thing which would be cool but also challenging would be to do something with animations. For example, hexen, a modular android app, has a bingo machine type sequencer and a fishtank sequencer, with animations that show what the sequencer is doing. of course vcv is not made for that, so it’d probably be challenging, but that’s an example of a niche one could fill.

Hello I have been using Rack since April 2020 and I would love a ‘Reverb that can create any size room in a visual manner’, in any shape, not just a square-rectangle box [Soundstage].

A bit of weird choice of options would be great as well. E.g. wells, caves, underground Cistern chapel in Malta. Strange choices can be good.

Not sure if these options are even possible in VCV Rack. But if you don’t ask you don’t get!

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mosphaere Seems like the 64 note transport and the automatic updates of the parameters for the step is the complex bit in that GUI.

aliasup Seems custom controls to simulate an OLED might be useful for that. Haven’t found out how to do that yet.

@aliasup’ Quite a few parameters and trigonometry with convolution might be the best way to do that. (link limit new user).

The algorithmic reverbs all sound great and cover a fair range of echo & resonance flavours. NYSTHI’s CONVOLVZILLA delivers every other spatial effect.

There are only 4 free flangers in the Library right now.


Impromptu Fondry and Bidoo Zou Mai checks all your boxes :slight_smile:


Love that you mention Malta. Those underground spaces are acoustically crazy!

I’m fairly sure that a while ago Vortico said something about about an open source pitch shifting library that maybe could be used in a module? But just basic pitch shifting (on an audio signal not v/oct) would be useful.

what are you referring to here?

Latency could be an issue if you code e.g. a look-ahead compressor because there’s no latency-compensation like most VST-DAWs offer.

Also be aware that in a chain of modules every cable introduces a latency of 1 sample.

What module kinds are thin on the ground?

IMHO it’s best to use the Rack for making your music or whatever you want to use the rack for, and after a while you will discover what modules you are missing personally.

For example, I coded a module that resembles the good old Seiko Metronome and I use it for practising acoustic instrument, although it could be used for driving sequencers.

I would say, a “good” module should be suitable for more than one purpose.

There’s only one convolution/impulse-response module, so that would count as “thin on the ground” I would say.

GitHub - jackokring/VCV: Another later version VCV rack repo. is the start of the repo.

Squinky.Labs it seems the keyboard has some delay before sounding on my Linux system.

It shouldn’t, other than to one or two buffer delay from your audio driver. Which can be huge, of course.

I was reading about the Megalith/Monolith Cistern Chapel in Malta in the great book ‘Monolithic Undertow’ by Harry Sword, there have been singers recorded down there and the natural/manufactured reverb is amazing for so called ‘primitive people’ to have created the acoustics, truly stupendous!! I could create a convolvltion file using the mp3 that I bought of a female singer down there and use that in Nysthi’s Convolvzilla maybe, have you had any success using that module?

Yep love it. Used it with these crazy IR’s that were really long.

Good I’ll give it a good going over then. Where did you find these really long IRs, are/is there a website with them? This one looks good, any more you care to share:

1,000+ Free Convolution Reverb Impulse Responses [IR] - Joshua Casper