Jackokring development blog (looking for module kinds thin on the ground (avoiding duplication)?)

Hi @jackokring. A module I miss personally is a really long delay. Up to, say 5 to 10 minutes. The longest I’ve found is the Nysthi Clockable delay which gives 3 minutes.

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Ahornberg Tape Recorder can give you up to 120 minutes delay time.

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Well I know that module is capable of alsorts but I would love to see a patch with that in operation-it would make Frippertronics look tame. 120 mins delay time bonkers!!!

That’s pretty easy:

  • in the context menu set ‘Tape Length’ to ‘MC 120’
  • in the context menu set ‘Loop Mode’ to ‘Cycle’
  • set the knob ‘Beats / Bars’ to 2
  • set the knob ‘BPM’ to 1.66
  • this gives you a readout of ‘99 / 1’ at the end of the tape
  • you can go to the end/beginning of the tape by [Strg]+click on the ‘>>’ and ‘<<’ buttons
  • set the knob ‘Loop End on Bar’ to 99
  • the second line of the display should readout ‘0 C 99’
  • hit ‘>’ to start recording
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Back to the topic. One module I would like to see is the Doepfer A-101-6 Opto FET VCF AFAIK there’s nothing on the market (no VST, no AU, no RE) that resembles the sound of this module.

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@Ahornberg is there a circuit diagram? I assume it’s a FET even harmonic open/close resonates of a cylinder and blocked escapes feel a bit nastier than freedom through the dark hole on the mouse mammalian enjoyment of sound.

@jackokring IMO for modeling analog hardware it is essential to have access to that particular piece of hardware for the sake of performing lots of measurements. Analog hardware is full of nonlinearities that make up the special sound character.

Unfortunately I sold my Eurorack a couple of years ago, so I can’t help you out with a circuit diagram.

The Doepfer A-101-6 has a battery of jumpers hidden inside. Theoretically these jumpers could be set in in a broad variety of combinations, the ‘useful’ combinations ara shown here http://www.doepfer.de/a100_man/A101_6_Jumper.pdf

I think, the first question before start coding a module should be: Am I really interested in building exactly this module? Do I want to use it by myself?

I was thinking more along the lines of the AS delay but with longer delay times. I’d make it myself but I haven’t the least programming k nowledge.

You can simply build a chain of delay modules. For 10 minutes you would need 60 modules.

Or ask the developer to increase the delay time.

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Ok final commit to the filter. Now to design another module. The filter is quite standard apart from the ring mod plate thing.

I’ve changed the repo name to VCVPlugins for some conformity on possible naming edge cases. Added some rough labels on the IO.

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Hello jackoring, so this filter, is it available for anyone to try or is it a self build prototype? Thanks for your time. The features do sound very interesting!

At the moment it’s self-build and needs graphics labelling. 7HP

I could perhaps make Linux x64 .so files available in a zip perhaps.

Good to know, but I am on Windows 10, is it possible for you to do a Windows 10 build in a zip/Rar? Thanks for the quick reply.

I have win10, but I haven’t set up a build system for it yet in a virtual box. Have no Mac build capability easy to hand.

Ok thanks, if possible could you let me know when there maybe a Windows build. Much appreciated, always love to mess around with sound!
Also just to be more pushy, is there any audio of the filter in action? :grinning: :grinning:

I need to read the docs to see how Rack renders. I get buffer underruns while listening to utube music too with news also. :smiley:

By the sounds of it, you not having much fun getting the filter to behave itself, is it a bit of beast?

The .so is now fixed (and in the repo) and I made the REZ control cover Butterworth and flatter to squeely. After some renaming in code, now I just need to edit the .svg to drop names on the controls.

On the right. Like I said the graphics come next.