JACK as a Plugin

(Daniele Zerbini) #44

I checked out the new commit and yes, man, the shim snippet let us gracely bypass the libdl dependency to use Windows native API.

To compile, I only had to edit it like this:

#ifndef ARCH_WIN
#include <dlfcn.h>
#include <windows.h>
#define dlopen(x, y) LoadLibraryA(x)
#define dlsym(x, y) GetProcAddress((HMODULE)x, y)
#define dlclose(x) FreeLibrary((HMODULE)x)

Also, I had to copy the jack headers from the skjack-vcv repo (“src/jack” folder) into my MinGW include folder (the jack inner includes are specified as system headers).

I already verified that on my DAW my first build test failed and the plugin could not load, missing a compliant link with libdl (the one living and linked in my development machine). So I was considering to try with static linking. But now it looks like the conditional defines just do the trick with no extra effort!

Here a screen with the internals dependency calls after the plugin loads:

I’d say that the plugin could now be really tested by some Windows+Jack adopters!
Here the new Windows build, that should work on common Windows systems with a Jack working instance installed and running.

(David Rodriguez) #45

@Soothsayer https://github.com/Skrylar/skjack-vcv/issues/2#issuecomment-457843658

(Skrylar) #46

Putting -Isrc in FLAGS of the Makefile gets around this.

(Skrylar) #47


Pre-release has finally gotten the beauty pass that I promised @David :wink:

(David Rodriguez) #48

look so great!

(Skrylar) #49

SkJACK is now headed in the direction of the Plugin Manager. :tada:

(David Rodriguez) #50

added to my rack via pluging manager :star_struck:

(Skrylar) #51


The 8-OUT is now in pre-release. Now your 8-channel mixers have an easier time making it to Ardour :wink:

(Skrylar) #52

-in and -out suffixes are now in prerelease. This means you can name both your input and output valley reverb and your JACK patch bay will have a valley reverb-in and valley reverb-out, just like Ardour or non mixer would do.

(David Rodriguez) #53

Could be possible add a mute button to each of the channels?


(Skrylar) #54

It could, but isn’t this what your mixer is for?

(David Rodriguez) #55

let me expand a little more about my workflow, usually I only mix the drumkits inside the VCV rack, I use renoise (or another DAW) as sequencer, clock and mixer, in the pipeline I could use some external effects like CALF or some vsts through Carla but most frequently the native effects of renoise (compresors, eq, or whatever) even when I own the Vst host of vcv rack because I feel the performance of the vst is better through other ways

however it workflow use multiples desktops (usually one DAW or software per desktop ) and is a little tricky go to other desk to mute channels or get “Solo” for and come back to the vcv rack, and go to the DAW and so and so…

BTW I think a Jack mixer to vcv rack is the next logical step , we (the jack users) happily pay for that.

(Skrylar) #56

This is what comes to mind when talking about mute switches:


(Mutes from Fundamental wired in to the interface, and an outdated Jack output.)

I’m not sure what JACK has to do with this. It sounds like what you want is a mixing console with two-way sync (probably via OSC+UDP or MIDI CCs) between desktops.

(David Rodriguez) #58

a mixer like “VCV Console” except, the send channels can be connected with external apps via jack or perhaps a hybrid between NON mixer and VCV Console is coming to my mind, about the osc or midi, the midi learn is coming in the next version…

I complete forget Mutes, that is exactly what I mean, thanks!

(Skrylar) #59

I’ll put it on the “someday” list, although in the interim you can wire an mscHack mixer’s aux lines: