Iversion Studio 6+1 Issues with LaunchPadMinimk3


I’m trying to use the LaunchPadMini Mk3 with the Iverson Studio 6+1 plugin. I either don’t understand what I’m doing, or I’m getting wonky results.

The preset for the mk3 doesn’t function on my mk3 with the most up to date drivers. I gave up trying to use the preset and tried creating my own but I can only learn one binding at a time and is limited to just the triggers. I cannot bind the euclidian button with any of the outside buttons on the mini. The arrow buttons on the mini do nothing by default and I can’t bind them. The colors don’t match what’s on the plugin though the mini is capable of showing more than just red and blue that’s all that shows…and it doesn’t match the colors on the plugin. The final trigger in the sequence is red (color of the time bar) when there’s a trigger there, but blue when there is no note. Then everything else in the sequence is blue if there is a note and blank when there isn’t. This is really confusing.

I saw Omri’s video with the Studio 6+1 and was excided to see it would work with my Mini (preset available) but maybe it’s just not ready yet…or I’m missing something. Anybody else have any luck?

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