Is TouchOsc usable?

I have a Redmi Note 4 on android version 7.0 I’ve heard that touchosc isn’t working on newer versions of android, and i’d like to know what people’s experience with it is in rack before buying it. I’d like to use it for steps on sequencers and sliders.

There are several tutorials on this topic, please consider the search function.

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What I REALLY want to know is if it would work on my phone, given the reviews on the TouchOsc app (saying that it’s not working on newer versions of android and such). I used the search function and I found 4 topics, none of which really answered my question.

If the reviews say it is not working… :confused:

You could try contacting TouchOSC and ask directly or maybe there is something in the documentation

hey all! Did somebody tried to use Lemur? Works the same way? Unfortunately TouchOSC seems not to work on my Mac/Ipad, I’ve literally spent 2 hours to try but no way

Works fine here, did you install TouchOSC bridge on your mac ?

yes I did all the procedures, installing Bridge, trying also with enable Ipad into Midi Config, network session, not doing these two but nothing. I’ll sadly ask a refund

Are you using it over a lightning cable?

I use Lemur on my 3rd Gen iPad. It’s been working well and has been reliable with VCV Rack.

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yes, but I was thinking. Do I maybe need Osculator software too?

thanks for the feedback

You don’t need Osculator. You do IIRC need to make sure that you are only trying to connect over Bridge and not simultaneously over coreMidi.

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hello! I finally got my TouchOSC working but i have a question to whom is using it. How do you adjust the knob sensitivity? I find it in a way too sensitive, I’ve noticed that faders looks better on this side. Do you have any tricks here? thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

What exactly do you mean by sensitivity?

TouchOSC knobs are absolute, they snap into position rather than rotate smoothly, there’s no adjusting it. It’s cumbersome, but you could add slew limiting in VCV for the controls that need it?


Is maybe setting on Relative makes some difference?

In relative mode of touchosc you have to press and drag the know until you reach the position you want. And in absolute mode you just can tap to the position you want and the will be immediately jump to it without any slew.

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