Techno VCV Rack Template - Fixed & Mapped with TouchOsc

Here is my new video on fixed rack (techno template) which is mapped by awesome TouchOsc digital controller for iOS and Android.
This type of fixed & mapped rack will fit nice to any live sessions, jams, sketching, controller integrations and etc. MIDI mapping in VCV Rack (with MIDI OUT support of Stoermelder’s Midi-Cat modules) is a nice addition to such digital controllers as TouchOsc, Behringer BCR2000 and many others. If you like using controllers with VCV Rack you can’t go wrong with this!
You will find all necessary links in Youtube video description.

Also I will show you here each part of my template and touchosc layout as well.

UPD! I have replaced ADDR direction mapping from PUSH to TOGGLE and now it works correctly! Just ignore this moment in the video, thnx!

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