Is there a way to find "top" patches that were recently added?

I’m looking for “top” artists patches that have been added recently. For other topics, I can select “top” and “week” (or just see the number of replies and views in the Latest view but this doesn’t work for artist patches because most of them were created more than a week ago. It may be something that’s just not possible given the single-thread policy but I thought it was worth asking in case there’s a clever way to do it. Any ideas?

can you define a “top” artist, it might be different for different persons and tastes, or?

that would be cool. does the forum “know” what a patch is? If so, could find patches with most hearts.

Lol, that’s dooming me to the bottom of the charts.


Every new patch on patchstorage is mentioned every week in the News of the Rack. But as the others said, what is top for me must not be top for you, so no pre selection.

Heh, so much of the stuff I post depends on my idiosyncratic software & hardware setup & commercial products & my developing performance technique, I no longer bother posting patches, only their video… But always with detailed explanations about techniques of interest.

Just as a very empirical way of listing and filtering the patches exposed in the Forum storage area, you can type something like this in the Forum search bar:

*/uploads/ *.vcv* category:5

and then sort by “Latest Post”.

This is aesthetically agnostic - it doesn’t take into account what “top artist” or “top patch” may be intended for.
Also, the targeted objects are only those posts including patches with a direct link in the Forum.
Just consider that most artists sharing their patches, post them to other clouds, mainly the Patchstorage website, but eventually social channels like YouTube, Bandcamp, Facebook, etc. I really like that some artists also use public or private code repositories, like Github, to archive their patches. Others just choose to share patches in their private/brand website.

Anyway, from the above search, you can just try other things out:

  • compare different sorting criteria, e.g. “Most viewed” and “Relevance”
  • use the Advanced Search widget at the right sidebar, to refine your search, e.g. if you are interested in chronological filtering, you can set the Posted: before/after date option
  • define your favorite artists/musicians and go for a direct search using the Posted by entry box option

Eventually just consider that several musicians in the Forum set a personal main announcement thread, usually in the “Music & Patches” category, so a different way to go is to simply subscribe to your favorite artists’ thread and be notified of new posts from them.

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This might help answer everyone’s questions. When I look at this thread in the ‘Latest’ view, I can see the amount of interest via the reply and view counts:

But if I look at the same for an artists patches, I can’t tell whether there is a lot of interest in whatever was just added or if the thread has just been around for a long time. In other words, if a new thread was created for each patch, I’d know that the interest is in the latest patch posted, not the thread overall with many patches. I’m not trying to change this rule, I just thought it’d be worth asking if there is a way to accomplish this the way things are.

I’m thinking Reddit and patchstorage might be the best sources for this type of community feedback.

Don’t worry - we should be able to sort in reverse order :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: