Is there a reference for the keyboard accelerators?

Went to @Vortico’s talk, saw lots of cool tricks for moving modules around and arranging. Are these documented somewhere?

Check out Jim Aikin’s new free book. It was announced here:

Also an unofficial guid to the rack-v1 changelog:


Specific excerpts from the rack-v1 changelog - I hope I didn’t leave anything out:

Add parameter context menu for entering numerical values, unmapping, etc.

Entering precise values is not really possible on hardware (and, arguably, this contributes something to the sound). Such limitations do not exist in software. It was previously possible to achieve this in Rack by manually editing a module preset in a text editor.

Now it is a simple matter of right clicking on a parameter and entering the value you want.

Change parameter initialization to double-click.

To reset a parameter to default you previously right clicked on it. Now you double click. A parameter can also be initialised from the parameter context menu.

Add ability to Ctrl-click on an input port to clone the existing cable.

Previously you could Ctrl-click on an output port to get an additional cable output; now you can do the same from an input port.

Add module “force” dragging when holding Ctrl.

Rearranging your patch to make space for a new module or to avoid having to drag cables over long distances on screen with a trackpad used to be an RSI risk factor. This is much lessened now.

It is very easy: just Ctrl-click on a module and move it left or right. This will nudge all the modules sideways. If you want to move a module in between existing adjacent modules you will need to Ctrl-drag it into an empty area and then into the middle of the two modules you wish to separate.

Andrew has a demo here:

Add ability to disable modules with a context menu item and key command Ctrl-E.

Disable blocks the signal path dead of whatever is passing through the module; that is, it is not a bypass as can be obtained with the Host FX modules. The disabled module dims in appearance.

Add key command Ctrl-- and Ctrl-=, or Ctrl-scroll, for zooming the rack.

This convenience is almost worth the price of admission to v1 (actually $0!) alone. In addition to these key commands you can pinch on a trackpad too. Marvellous.

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Thanks for mentioning the book + the link, @cyball … Really useful :+1:

BTW, that site (Aikin’s site?) is full of interesting music!

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One of my top VCV Rack Feature Requests (and I did put an official FR in Github for it) is:

  1. More key commands for the remaining menu items that don’t have them (like 0=0% cable opacity, 1=25%, 2=50%, 3=100% for example), and

  2. The ability to create custom key bindings and assign them to modules. So I if I wanted Shift+C to be assigned to Clocked, let me create a key binding.

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